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Monday, June 27, 2005

Time of post: 3:31 pm of June 27th

Konnichiwa! ^_^ Guess who's back? Hehe. Yep, I'm officially on summer break and enjoying every bit of it!

Okay, first of all, I'm so glad to be back! ^.^ I missed you guys so much! *hugs everyone really tightly* I hope you're all having a blast and that everyone's doing well! *more hugs*

I just got back from the dentist. That alone should be horror enough, ne? *laughs* Anyway, I'm getting a tooth pulled out soon, so I'm kind of dreading it. And the dentist put little rubber bands on eight of my teeth, so my mouth feels very uncomfortable right now. >_> That's the not-so-good part of the first day of my summer vacation. ^_^;; Aside from that though, everything's awesome!

Now another pointless, but I feel like I have to mention, statement is that I'm training for the volleyball team this summer. I've made it through 3 cuts (so many girls tried out so they had to make cuts), and the final screening is on the week before school starts (September 6th!!! T_T). Basically, it means I have to get in shape for the final screening or else I blow up my chance of getting into the team. ^_^ *sarcastic* No pressure at all. And another thing, I'm also hoping to get into AP Biology next school year, so I'm working on a huge packet for that this summer too. ^_^;;

I think I'm making all this sound too hard, but I'm pretty sure it won't be. I just have to keep myself from procrastinating on the packet and being lazy with my training. ^^ Wish me luck! *laughs*

The reason I had to say all this is because I might not be able to be around at certain days. Believe me, after not being here for almost an entire year (something like that), this is bugging me badly, but I know it'll happen, so I hope you guys won't be mad. ^_^;;

I start my training tomorrow morning. I'll rest a little after that, because I'm sure it'll be a shock to my system once I get going with this, and then I'll come here. ^_^ Maybe I can squeeze in my AP Bio stuff at night. Leaving some time in the afternoon for me to catch up on my anime and whatnot. ^^ Sounds about right... right?

Goodness, I'm probably boring you guys to death here. Gomen! I'm done anyway. ^_^ Oh, and I hope no one minds if I skip the commenting today. My teeth are hurting right now and it has taken the joy out of this day. I'm really sorry. I'll start tomorrow! I promise! ^.^ *hugs everyone again* Take care, you guys! Have a wonderful week ahead! ^______^

[random thought bubbles:] Look out for a layout change in July! ^.^ Hee hee.

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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