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Monday, June 16, 2008

Time of post: 10:56 pm of June 15th

I'm a ghost!

*laughs* This all feels so nostalgic. For some reason, I had the greatest urge to visit myO. ^_^ I miss this place so very much. A lot has happened on theOtaku, apparently. I had heard of the new version, I just didn't realize how awesome it was going to look. But of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from the wonderful people that run theO.

By the way, I absolutely want to thank all my friends here. I heart you guys! ^_^ To the subscribers on the members page at theO, I love you all. That was so heartwarming to see. *hugs tightly*

Well, I guess I just really wanted to drop by and spook some people with my unprecedented appearance. *laughs* Before I go, I just want to say that you all rock my socks! ^_^ Keep up the fantastic-ness around here!

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

(It's wonderful to say... er, type that again.)

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