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Monday, July 2, 2007

Time of post: 1:01 pm of July 2nd

Well, well, well...

Hehe. ^_^;; I guess I haven't been here in a pretty long while, ne? Sorry. Junior year was quite a busy one. I can't imagine what's in store for next year... *sigh*

Anyway, I just popped in out of the blue to say hello to everyone. Seeing as I haven't been here for about 6 months now, I'd say it's about time. I just wanted to express my gratitude to my lovely and fabulous friends for their continued support. Thanks for coming by even though I'm not here regularly. It's stuff like that that make me so honored to be a member here. ^__^ I miss all of you terribly! *hugs you guys* I missed that too.

Oh! Funny thing that happened just a few minutes ago... I got a Notice of Deletion pm for one of my greeting cards and it scared the heck out of me! I thought theO was going to delete my account because I haven't been here for so long. Scary! >_< But I read it and all is well. I forgot which greeting card it was too... *laughs* ^__^

Ahem... yeah, moving right along. I hope you guys are having a fantastic summer! ^.^ Mine is going along pretty well, I can't complain. Although tackling my summer class registration has been a pain to deal with. So many things to worry about... ^_^;; Hehe. But otherwise, as mentioned, everything has been okay.

Ah! One more thing, I've been catching up with some anime stuff. As you know school has deprived me of it. *laughs* I've been watching Tennis no Oujisama or Prince of Tennis, and no, not the dubbed version on Toonami. As much as I enjoy hearing Ryoma say "Mada Mada Dane" in English, I'd rather stick with the original... ^_^ So yeah, I've been getting by with that. I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'm not a big fan of sports anime, but TeniPuri grips at your heartstrings and gets you at the edge of your seat. Maybe that's just me, but it's been that way so far. ^_^ It's fun to watch. Hehe. Plus the barrage of adorable-looking bishounen isn't a bad mix either. *laughs*

Wow, I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought I was going to. ^_^ Oh well, I guess that's to make up for the past 6 months that I was away. I better get down to remodeling this site of mine a little. Still loving the green, but I think a layout change is in order. ^_^ Just to get back in the swing of things, you know?

Alright then, take care you guys! *hugs everyone tightly* Thanks again for everything and have a fantastic week ahead! Have fun on the 4th of July too in case I don't make it back! ^__^

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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