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Friday, February 2, 2007

Time of post: 11:40 pm of February 1st

It's a time for new beginnings...

Hello! ^_^ Happy February! I guess I was away for quite a while this time. Not that it was anything new, but still. January was incredibly busy for me. I had so many things going on at school, especially since mid-terms were coming up and whatnot.

Anyway, usual rants aside, my exams are over and I actually have some free time to enjoy. ^_^ Such a rare occasion, I tell you. *laughs* I feel sort of hyper right now, and that's a little weird considering it is veeerrryyy late. Hehe. But yes, I can actually get some rest and relaxation before the Spring semester begins. ^_^ Yay!

What do you guys think about the green-ness of the new layout? ^_^ I was bored today so I changed it, and since it was the first day of a brand new month, I thought why not? I did notice, though, that I picked a green-themed avatar for my last layout and a blue-themed one for this one. Uh, yeah. Don't mind me. ^_^;;

Um... oh yeah! I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves. School or otherwise, I wish you all countless wonderful days. ^_^ February has just begun, so here's to a fresh, new start for all of us! *hugs everyone*

Okay, well I better get going. I'm just sneaking this in before I go to bed. ^_^;; I miss you guys! Take care and have a fantastic weekend! *hugs tightly*

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

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