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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   holliers,crackers and insomnia
hello everybody.chickenburger seriously needs sleep as too much studying had already taken its toll...feeling very lightheaded and i think i am seeing metallic flying saucers...heh heh.
so far halloween has been damp because of non stop raining marathon but this was further ignored as colourful fireworks beautified the sky (???)
too much radiohead is not good as well, the 'new-ish' album 'hail to the thief' was good, not as good as 'kid a' or the brilliant 'ok computer'. but it was good nonetheless.
i indulge myself in hours of mindless gloomy excess and i am loving it at the moment.

why do i feel sad when it's autumn?

that's why i HATE that season.

what do u guys think of autumn/fall?

so called nostalgic season my ass.

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