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Saturday, November 13, 2004

i'm not bothered to write any long-winded post.i change my song. it suits my ever confused self.(*blanks*)

did my avatar change or what?

chatterbox.great.just chat/rant/complain away.

yesterday i've been listening to Muse's cover version of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'.....it was hilarious.very un-Muse.I did not know who sang the original version.

hmm....Muse's version of The Animal's 'House Of The Rising Sun'is fantastic.I'm listening to it right now.

a survey i nicked from my good friend, 7zeen.......

4)Hair color:
5)Eye color:
7)Fav color:
8)Fav anime:
9)Fav character in that anime:
10)Why did we became friends?
11)Do u still want to be my friend?
12)What do u like & hate about me?
13)R u happy being my friend?

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