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Friday, November 12, 2004

   This Post Is Dedicated To You! Yes!!!!! YOU!!!!!! (*points finger towards all of you*)
Today I've decided to dedicate this post to all my friends who tirelessly been giving me support throughout the duration of time I've been here in Otaku.

Maybe I'll give to all of you an abundant of hugs,since I'm not that good with words.

I won't list all of you because I think that's like being selective of people.All I know that all of you are very interesting people with varied characteristics......

-good in poetry and the written arts
- talented in drawing anime/stuffs
- able to express their feelings in daily blogs
- excellent advice-givers
- have loads of sense of humour
- being brutally honest
- proud of being (good) insane
- all of you are very opinionated about a particular subject

.....et cetera.

Thank you very very much to all of you,my friends for life.Thank you very much to all who cared.Thank you very much to people who does not silently stab my back when I am not around to visit your sites.

Welcome to the party! Sushi and sake for all!

Wahey hey! It's the Saiyuki boys!

I'm off giving free hugs for now.Ciao!

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