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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Karma Police....I've Given All I Can........
Screw the establishment,screw the society,screw conformity,screw all the fake pretences.AAAAGHHHHH!!! Fucking screw everything!!!!!
My day yesterday was a mixed one. Blessings in one hand and curses in the other.I spent the whole day doing housework cuz my mother was in the hospital for a surgery. Tired.Worn out.Duhness.
Also I have drawn a picture of my 2nd fave band Radiohead....it was all right but it was not eligible to be judged by the 'wise' judges of Otaku....whoever you are.Eck,I really wanted to post it today.....maybe yes maybe not,I dunno.The product of a suppressed frustration.
Still not feeling better.What a fucker.....yea,me.
Maybe that Radiohead picture needs a few retouches and subtle shadings....egh....T_T

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