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Saturday, September 18, 2004

the outside world at last!!!! i went window shopping around town. i went to this record store and there was Radiohead's 'Karma Police' being played through the loudspeakers! The ending was pretty mellow..drifting...
then i spotted a CD on a CD rack(obvious?). It was Jeff Buckley's album 'Grace'.I know, if i ask anyone whether they know Jeff Buckley or not, they will say no anyway!
anyway, i instantly reached for the CD and my eyes were fixed on the cover...Jeff was so handsome.
he looked very young and dashing....broody. i wished i bought the CD so i could draw his face on a piece of paper. the human face is nature's work of art.
anyway, i bought nothing! how pathetic was that?!!!
so, how was your saturday? mine's pretty good,away from the evil suffocation of home! (lol!) tell me your stories that happened, i wanna hear them all!!!!
hugs and kisses

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