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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

   what's wrong for being a lefty?!!!
AAAGHHHH!!!!! you know why i am so angry? let me tell u...
this thing happened years ago but this thing surfaced today.
i remembered once i was in school. i was in this classroom, it was english...i think.
there was this teacher who thought us english. she was all nice and everything,until..
she walked right up to my desk so she can correct my work. i was there writing, then i looked up to her and she had this dirty look on her face. very scary.
" r u writing with your left hand?" she said. all smiles. i said "yeah, why miss?"
u know what she said?
"did u know that heaven will not accept lefties in heaven and you'll probably end up being a lesbian?"
fucking stupid remark. i sweared from that day that teacher was worse than a slut begging for customers down a broken down alley in Hollywood...on crack!!!
see what you think. you all are much smarter than her anyway...

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