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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   Hey Guyz
Konnichiwa Minna-san Gomenasai i've been so out of it lately i mean i'm gonna go to college soon and i haven't accept it the fact that i'll be an adult soon and well reality hit me real hard but now i'm like 80% better and so i'll try to update more often thank you all for worrying about me if there were any and CrimsonVampire, sbsp13668, Hearts Mind, and, Cubby Lil Sora thank you all for commenting on my poem lately i haven't been thinking of much but once i do i'll post it k
thnak you all you r like a family to me my My Otaku Family K thanx guyz i'll update soon and if i 4got anyone u should know i'm thinking about you too K
well bye TTYGS

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