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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sup everyone
Oi, Minna-san Arigatou Gozaimusu
I thank you for still being here and staying with me and still coming at my place even if i'm a freak as to not to come to your place. i really really appreciate that you guys come back. i'll try to i really will but i kept on getting so much work and my home life isn't all perfect either so i'm sry and uh i am posting a new poem plz read it and review me this is my first time writting with an actaully rhyme scheme so plz at least look at it and comment on how well i did ok um flames are ONLY welcome if you tell me a Y to it ok
well Arigatou Gozaimusu again and i hope to see you soon but i won't be on for a while cuz of these Psychotic Killer Missionaries are after me AKA Final Exams well i'm a senior whad i expect well guys thanx 4 stickin' with me and i'll be back shortly hopefully awright well enjoy my poem for the time being and plz this poor fool needs comments Onegaishimus
MMM Ne Ja Matte


Iím crying and Iím broken
But you will never see
This sad and unstable side of me
Sorry to say but youíve mistaken
My fake smiles and loud laughter
Hides away my true emotion
The true me is up for rejection
If you ever come to encounter
Thus I sit all closed and embedded
My plastic smiles filled with lies
My perfect life is all that implies
Hence you look upon me half blindfolded

Well Enjoy ^ ^
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