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Thursday, November 22, 2007


i joined a pokemon guild on gaia--and i THINK i made a new friend.....but i dunno....

and im stuffed on thanksgivin food =D


yah oki....i tell you....i tell you ereyting.

he look.....like a man.

lol srry boredom randomness XD;;;;;;

but i got battle armor for kiba =D it looks so cool! yet i think i need more...

so if i ever use kyou (my wolf) he can have the full armor =D

funny how woves get full armor buttigers only get the face plate....

and a....kitty bell....

the chocobo's armor is adorable though XD little pilot goggles X33333333

so yeah...until next time--AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

good afternoon all!

yesterday was ok....

got homework.....but i finished it =D


guess who got her fire whip on gaia~~~~?


pikachu gave me her oculus magica.

i love the kira kira, but the roses made my avatar look like a pile of junk ;-;

after working with it several times, it would not work. so i sold it for about 60k (i know, right?) and got my fire whip =D

so yeah ^-^

and ace might get me a aquatica and lunar scythe =3

anyways thats all i can remember. until next time all!

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oooh, kinky! XD
sasusaku artists draw so lovely ;-; lol

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Monday, November 19, 2007

bad day sunday, but peachy monday!!!

first of all, my bad as hell sunday.

church was ok, but then mazzios.

ugh i dun like mazzios =.=

the cherry pizza wasnt good yesterday either ;-;

then it took FOREVER for us to go out and get my haircut.

and michael forgot to look for routers =.=

but hey, he hooked up the old one so i can play too :D

i DID get a naruto pillowcase though :3

i dont like the material of the pillowcase though--ive become accustomed to jersey sheets =w=

so i tacked it up on the wall =DDD

then i was pissed off cuz i had to use the computer yesterday. boy does it suck now that i have xeanith.....

it kept fucking yahoo up.....more than usual =_=

and i was so pissed and rp-deprived that i depressed haru--which im truly sorry for btw

went to bed, remembering i had a speech to do...

i brought my kimono to raise up my grade.....

i STILL got a 90 =_=

couple more weeks.....couple more weeks......
too bad mrs christensen teaches speech AND health....

im gonna have her a whole nother semester =_=

shes ok...but.....
damn =_=

anyways, im a lot happier today.

hilarious chuck norris anime facts on the o main page XD

and ice climbers final smash looks killer--literally! XD

but during bcis, and while we were uninstalling crap, there was a fire drill OxO

god i hate those things.......

and the siren was a lot worse than the ones of past years =.x

im thinking there was a real fire somewhere.....once we got back in there was no announcements declaring it a fire drill....

but then, it also didnt say there WAS a fire....

oh who cares.

so yeah thats about all i have. until next time, all!

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i talked to kenni!!!!! =DDDDD

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   lazy days!!!
last night was kinda cool.....or whatever happened yesterday....

what was it? what was it?

little timmy is down the well?


i just saved a lot of money on car insurance by switching to geico?

no....i cant drive yet.....

tenten married sasuke and had weird little tai/genjutsu babies?


good lord that would be a scare...


oh i dunno!

but ace is gettin me a aquatica and lunar scythe =DDDD

yes. i know i had them once before.

but after i sold them a long fuggin time ago, i realized the blue tail looks good on my avi o.o

with the sandals....i could have.....

i know. im bored enough to talk about random gaia crap.

but hey, at least im out of debt =3 i dont have to get michael a superior form anymore!

oops, forgot to take his nightmare boots in exchange....well, until next time XD

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light :E

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Friday, November 16, 2007

spring cleaning!
yus im spring cleaning tonight, dearies.

i saw a cricket AND a spider crawl through my room....

yeah. time to vaccuum again.

but DUDE!!!!!! the gaia cash shop worked again--AND I F***ING LOVE THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!

i have named my animals. all of them.

some were from the past of course.

gwee - roger

momo - helen

spirit falcon - dane

summoning tome (black dragon) - eh! steve!

summoning tome (white dragon) - sterrance

kaya - kouga

wild things (tiger) - kiba

wild things (wolf) - kyo

wild things (chocobo/phoenix) - earthworm jim

yes. im aware of the irony in the names. why do you think i named em that?

better than vicious for my kaya and fifi for the big tiger! XD

but no one will buy my november letter so im stuck and i cant get michael's superior form ;-;

i tried asking people in rallies yesterday...

but nuuu! T-T

oh well :3

anyways, thats all i have. i wish i had some pictures on this compy....

oh wells

how bout totally random quotes? :3

"im a DRAGON. i dont do that tongue thing."

"yes, police? yes.....theyre still out to get me.......yes ill hold...."
~alice, still fleeing from the insane royalties

ok lol


and i get to talk to kenni again XD

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


~olga will say i can stay home and there will be new items on gaia onLIIIIIIINE!!!


tis true.

i get to stay this AND next weekend OwO


the wolf looks amazi---

but the tiger goes even better with my avi AND my kaya! XD

this can only mean renames are required.

kaya will be vicious.

and the FUTURE huge tiger will be.......fifi.

XD lol jk

but since the gaia cash store is being hella retarded, i cant buy anything at all. =_=

im gonna get me two for me. the leafy and the tiger.

gotta buy others......one to sell for michaels damn superior form...

one for haru....

one for vash--whom i might wait for december unless i can get something he wants.

thats already 5 of my items! O.o

oh well, i can buy another card.....*cough* next year maybe....

but i dun care :3

tis for good purpose!

but until the store is fixed, i cant buy, equip, and or sell =_=


also, about vash...

he has to go visit his dad in north carolina so......yet another week i dun get to talk to vash ;-;

but at least he told me where he was going. it would be quite troublesome if he just vanished without a word....

quite troublesome indeed.....*twitch*

but the mad is gone, so.........


until next time all---and btw....

thinking about changing my theme to a disney one (shut up).

so i looked on photobucket....

teehee :3

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i feel sorry for alice though.....looks more like shes being suffocated rather than being noogie'd o-o;;

alice~ *at the police station* one of them had long blonde hair and a pink dress......shes the one that tried to kill me!

cheshire cat~ well it seems to me as though it could all just be a figment of your mad imagination. aha, ahahahahaha!! :D *vanishes with his stripes*


aurora~ *tracked down alice with the other princesses* *gleam in eye* there she is. >wO

alice~ MEEEEEEEP!!!! OxO!!! *flees*

lol XD so until tomorrow :3

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

   youve been deleted.
ugh last night sucked so bad.

i was crying all evening.

and i was wearing bad-luck kakashi shirt =_=


first i was the one that pissed michael off when it was HE that pissed ME off.

he wasnt at the computer, he was logged off, i had the opportunity to use the headphones.

michael comes back and bitches at me saying "THEYRE MY HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!!"

he can be so f***ing selfish!!!!!!!! i was taking advantage of one of the only times i can use the headphones!!!! i wouldnt break em, id be careful--

but NOOOOO. =_=

selfish bastard.

then i fought with kenni, but that was my own fault. i said something offending TOTALLY by accident on his post, and yeah.

lets nto go into detail about that one.

but im overcoming teh phobia!!!! *brave pose*

anyways, yeah. tomorow is monthly collectible day~~~!!

i think one of the items is gonna be an animal--HOPEFULLY a wolf OwO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ill probably get two so i can sell one and buy michael's damn superior form.

=_= he should get it himself!!!

i offered to get it for him as a christmas present, but NOOO. his birthday is closer >_>

and with him being such an ass, i really dont want to get him anything.

also to my dismay, i gotta go to dads this weekend and get bitched at by olga. =_=

i dont think i can excuse myself....but ill try =.=

especially since i havent talken to vash in like forever ;-; i hope hes doing ok....

if anything, moving to texas. lol

but boy would i love having him in my biology class.....it would be nice to have a "real" boyfriend to be there in my most stressful class...... *sigh*

anyways thats all i have. talk to you guys tonight!

~bcis compy, kirby

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Monday, November 12, 2007

an update from bcis.
Bubs, are you on unethical cwack????
~Homestar Runner

lol im on bcis :P

since many people are out from band, we dont have to do our study questions =DDDD

isnt that great?? =D

i got to talk to kenni last night. it was quite fun :P

so...here are a couple doodles i did on the compy in my spare time =D

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a folf (fox/wolf hybrid)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
wolf/folf doodles

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
chibi me and vash :3 obviously when i had my genie outfit and he had purple hair.

and clothes--not that im complaining :E
so ttu guys tonight ^_^

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

ehehe...srry i didnt post yesterday ^^;

nothin worthwhile happened anyway.....

i got a phoenix circlet on gaia though OwO

i have ALWAYS wanted one....

yet, i cant make it work with my avi......

perhaps if i got a fire raptor tail =DDDD yes!

and maybe sell my gifts of the gods for flame swords!! yes!!!


also, i have been playing quite a bit on wifi'd pokemon.

i beat ace again, and battled his friend. surprisingly, i won.

i kicked ass with my brand new alakazam!!!

female, lvl 73......the only down side, she was rare-candied--aka, put on steroids.

so i used all my stat raisers on her ^_^;

but im still quite surprised that she kicked so much ass =D

went to church, daydreamed about vash...

today is my catchup day, so im gonna try to get back on top of the anime.

at LEAST naruto and avatar.

so what if i already know what happened in naruto? my brain cant fully function the manga.

you know those scenes that you can only understand if its in motion? yeah. my brain NEEDS that.

in other anime news, the death note dub is actually pretty decent, whether cut or edited or whatever.

and, ive finally settled on an idea for a welcome banner.

once i learn how to draw luffy, ill be set to draw it!

and goku.....and yugioh possibly....

if you are still slow, im going to do a shounen jump themed welcome banner.

thats all for now, so until next time ^_^

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i know its KINDA nejihina....BUT ISNT THAT JUST SO ADORABLE?????????? X3333333333333

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Friday, November 9, 2007

just sayin
ok first of all, colleen is an animal hater.

we were watching an awesome jeff corwin vid in geography (dont ask) and she "ewwwww'd" at EVERY single bug and lizard =_=

they are so awesome!!
people just dont se the beauty in reptiles......

anyways im on bcis again.

i got back into furcadia and second life.

so i decided to install them on my lappy.

god i love xeanith.

he still has more than half memory available.

its like 2 GB or somethin (thats gigabytes for those of you that are slower)

i wonder if id have enough room to put my pictures in....and STILL have memory and speed left....


also, my current obsession of animals is a fox.

or a folf. (a wolf/fox hybrid)

so if i can, im gonna ask michaels boyfriend if he can make me a cool folf avi :3

yes hes bi. shut up. ive grown used to it surprisingly.

i should probably get off now lol

until next time ^_^

btw ill probably be in second life tonight so "do not disturb"

unless vash is on...... >w>//


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