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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

   The most random thing that happened to me this year.
Ok a couple months back I went to the bridgeport village theater and bought a ticket to go and see the L change the world movie subtitled, went in and bought a pack of reeses since it's my fave candy and a bottle then headed over to the room where the movie was and sat down then waited for the movie and then during the time I was waiting out of nowhere these two teenagers in the back row called me a weeabo.

I was thinking "Do you know what that word even MEANS?!" did I ever once use the term "desu" or any other other word that would make me a weeabo? seriously if your going to use a word then use it right and besides I can speak in japanese using full-on proper sentences as well as read things in japanese, man I just love how ignorant kids can be these days tossing around words without even knowing what it really means, good grief.

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