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Thursday, April 16, 2009

   This a disaster!! UPDATE!
So I am at home just relaxing and apparently my mom has gotten a call from the credit card company about some unknown purchases on the card and my mom ask me about these things and wants to know if I had used the credit card to buy these and I said "no I only used the card for food while I was at Sakura-Con" so now we had to cancel our credit card since someone has stolen the number from it @ @; plus my mom thinks that someone from the hotel room might have taken the card when I was asleep and used it but what I think is that someone who works at the Renaissance took the number and used it for those things..grr this makes me soo MAD!

It seems that this had happened before Sakura-Con so no one at the hotel is to blame, I wish that there was a way to find out who this is and have them sent to jail, this person is just ruining our lives TT TT

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