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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'll be coming to sakura-con 09...hopefully
So as the title say's I'll be going to sakura-con 09, I hope well I should probably say why; soo last night I got ahold of my friend and asked if we would be staying at the same motel6 or a different one while we are going to sakura-con and apparently he had thought that I wasn't going with him so yeah this already is turning into something bad and to continue on he said that he won't be able to drive me there nor will his cousin since they already have enough people for both cars. So what do I do then? I start looking on the sakura-con forums to see if I can get a hotel room to share with and a ride and low and behold I did find one and I replied to let them know, now I'm waiting for a response a positive one because if I don't then I'm doomed since I have to show up since I'm going to be hosting a panel this year called the katekyo hitman reborn! panel on friday night from 9:30-10:30 so yeah if this doesn't work, I'm screwed @ @;;
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

   I'm diggi'n fusion fall
Yeah, just like the title say's I do like the mmorpg called "fusion fall" and I do know that cartoon network made this game but I can't help it, it has a bunch of cartoon characters from my childhood like dexters lab, the powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog and there are lots more. I for one got a kick out of seeing megas the giant robot from megasxlr in there, I'm glad that they didn't stick in cartoon characters that are from recent shows like....chowder or flapjack (shudders) those are not cartoons in my opinion they are nothing but pure acid trips on tv - -; .I wonder how many other people on the O play fusion fall?
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

   A nice birthday
So today was my 22nd birthday, I had a nice evening spending it with my friends, we hung out at the lloyd center mall for awhile looking at dvds and really cute puppies then a little bit later we went to this nice japanese restaurant where I had some delicious yakiniku(yum!) and once the meal was over I thanked everyone for coming and then once I was home I had some nice green tea yogurt cake.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

   October a time of change a time of...ugh - -;
Sooo...it's finally October and I finally got my stinki'n harvest moon game called harvest moon: tree of tranquility and in this game you have to make rainbows appear to keep the town from dying but seriously, rainbows...RAINBOWS?! what is wrong with marvelous?! I hope they never stick rainbows in a harvest moon game again. I am also in the middle of trying to get a job, basically one at a arts/craft store since I love to be surrounded by artsy stuff and last but not least my birthday will be coming up on the 22nd so I'll be 22 this year, he, 22 on 22. Oh wait thats not the last thing! the last thing is that I'm going to see the slants on halloween and this gives me a real good excuse to not hand out candy to the little kiddies, to many kids and then after that I'm going to go to an R rated haunted house, yay for being chased around with real chain-saws! ^0^
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Monday, September 1, 2008

   Kumoricon is over so now I can talk about it
So k-con was really great this year, I had alot of people show up for the katekyo hitman reborn cosplay meet-up but we had some people missing and as for the raffle people just didn't seem to want to pay attention to me and what I was trying to tell them plus one our group was done with all the picture taking and what-not they just wandered off so I was like eh forget it everyone the stuff in the box is now just free-for-all so take whatever you want, I made a bunch of people happy, made new friends and once that was done I thanked them all for coming and next year the meet-up will be held on the second day of k-con not the first since there was some chaos and disorder, so yeah I have learned my lesson there but it certainly was a blast and I can't wait for next year ^_^.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

   I'm Excited!
So it's August and for me that means getting to play the new harvest moon tree of tranquility for the Wii, I'm such a harvest moon freak I have a bunch of harvest moon games. But I think this is by far the best harvest moon game out there since you get to use full advantage of the Wii remote and the second thing that I'm excited about is that kumoricon is coming up, our katekyo hitman cosplay group looks rather promising with the amount of people that are saying that they will come, I think some of them are coming just so they can get the free prizes that I mentioned.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

   Guitar Hero For DS @ @
So on Monday I went to target and picked up a copy of Guitar Hero for the DS since the commercial that I had seen suckered me in, I was rather excited and couldn't wait to get home and once I was home I put the part of what was suppose to be my guitar into my GBA slot, then inserted the game and turned it on; once I did a bit of practicing I felt that I was ready to really play so I headed off the play career mode. Now the first song that I started to play was do what you want by OK Go and everything was going well until pace started to pick up and then my fingers started messing me up @ @ I was frustrated, I like the game but I think the ps2 version overall is better since you get a better feel when you hold the fake guitar in your hand and have a lesser rate of messing up than in the DS version.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

   Eating And Some Political Discussion
So I went out and had dinner with a friend of mine and we started talking about what's going on in our life then I struck up the topic of "who do you think is going to win the presidential election?" and his response was Obama, I was rather surprised that he said that but was happy since my votes for Obama as well and then later on in our discussion he told me about this political video he has of Huckabee and Chuck Norris so he took out his I-Phone and as I was watching the video I thought "the heck?!" if you haven't seen it already I suggest that you do, it's funny, stupid funny.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

   Iron Man Movie
I've just gotta say that this movie was awesome! sure it wasn't based off of the original Iron Man comic but thats ok since the movie is set in our timeline and not the old one, in the original comic he had a pacemaker to keep him alive and in the movie he didn't have one again due to the fact that this is set in our timeline, plus the plot is changed and the the movie is truly worth seeing if you get the chance, also I bet they'll be making another Iron Man movie.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

   Neo Angelique~Abyss
Well I'm going to give my opinion on this anime, first of all It's based off of a neo romance game that is made by koei, the game is in the angelique universe also the girl's name is angelique, ugh! please koei! try and give these girl's some other names besides angelique something more like mikurin or some other cool Japanese name, oh I forgot to mention I have the game and I can play this game since I got my ps2 modified ( my ps2 has a shoulderless mod) the game Is a little bit different than the tv show meaning ange has a personality in the show and as for the game..eh..not really considering that you the player are in control of ange, If anyone want's I can post comparison pictures of the game and the anime since some scenes are alike, there are new characters In the anime the game doesn't have those new characters yet, If there Is one thing I know Is that the fangirls are going to want a revised neo angelique game with the new guys In e'm.

All In all this anime looks great and the for the plot, well It's going in a good direction and who will ange end up with? I know who It Is the episodes right now give It away I'm not saying anything else.

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