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Sunday, September 25, 2005

   Stress Relief

hallo! nothin' much bout me today..we went to church today to hear mass..after that, back to house and begin the boreddom..lol..oh btw...do you guys lyk the new look of my site? new song and new avi.? oOoops..you can't see my avi but here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yesh dat one...i was so bored i have nothin' else to do so i decided to change my site..this one is gonna stay for a lil' longer..i won't change this until...umm...im not sure when ^_^...btw, do any of you guys have stress relief in your computers? one of my cousin send this stress relief thing to me last last last week...didn't bother to open it at all..but becoz' i was bored today, i decided that i should check my e-mail....and i got 50 unread msgs...3 from my cousin Czarina...4 from my fwends...20 frm animetribe.com and the rest are ads...hehehee...anywayz back to stress relief...i never knew what the thing is for..i mean, i thought it was a video...but when i opened it, it was sum kind of a game...a desktop game..so here's what i did to my desktop:

you can get to destroy your desktop..anyway you want...you can use machinegun(my favorite), hammer, chainsaw and many more...hehe..moff! laters

P.S no icons =P

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