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Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome!!! :D
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About me~ 17 year-old girl who gets attached to things easily, but is stubborn. D: I’m a germaphobe, (is that how you spell it…? T__T) and I believe that each day should be lived out to its fullest potential, because you never know when your life will be gone. SMILE!!! You never know who’s looking. Or who it’ll affect.


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Date: Friday, November 20, 2009
Current Mood: Cutesy :D

YO~~!!!! :D How has everyone been? It’s been quite… a LONG. TIME. TTATT I’m glad I was able to come and finally comment and see how you guys were doing!! ^^

WELL. LONG STORY SHORT. D: I went to the “Ninja Assassin” premiere yesterday and got to meet Rain. TT_____________TT DUDE. I WAS SHAKING AFTERWARDS. DDD: It’s a long story about how we got the tickets and what exactly happened, but it was sooo much fun and I got to take pictures with him. D: OMG HE TOUCHED ME. DDDDx (this is what I told my dad right after when I called him. >_> he was like, “wtf?” xD MY DAD WANTS TO PUNCH HIM NOW. T_T)

I saw the movie at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.
Click here to see a pic that I took! :D

The movie was good!! good. >_< like………. Ummm… THE ACTION SCENES. OMG WERE FANTASTIC. but dude…. There was so much blood. It wasn’t sickening or anything… it was like…. So much exaggeration on the blood… it.. kinda made you laugh. DDx I DIDN’T WANT TO LAUGH!!! BUT IT WAS FUNNY WHEN THIS GUYS HEAD GOT CUT OFF AND HE WAS STILL STANDING!! xD Rain sat 20 seats in front of me. D: I got his autograph too!! IT. WAS. AMAZING. THIS SEXY BEAST TOUCHED MEH. DDD: OMG.

RAIN Pictures, Images and Photos

HE WAS LIKE AN ASIAN KEN BARBIE DOLL IN THE MOVIE. D: no kidding. He had the crease between his hips and his legs… like when you move the legs of a Ken Barbie doll up and down? YEAH. LIKE THAT. T______T

HE WAS TALLER THAN ME IN HEALS. D: I was 5’11 in heals and he’s almost 6’3. HOLY TALIDO. :O and my friends, cousin and I took a picture with this Asian guy and we have no idea who he is. xD He looked like he was from the movie. Maybe he wasn’t even from the movie. Idk. WHATEVER. HE WAS GOOD LOOKING. >:O

And to save my life and my sanity…. I can’t show the pics that I took with the celebrities. T___T SOMEHOW. MY PIC WITH RAIN WILL LEAK OUT and I’ll have someone stalking me. >_> I just know it. D: So, BELIEVE ME OR NOT!!!!! I got to touch Rain. :D and he touched me. :DDD

WELL!! I’ll depart for now!! ^^ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! :3 have an awesome weeeekend!! ♥


~*~*~*~Video of the Day!!!~*~*~*~

I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO THIS SONG. D: It’s really cute. I wanna eat marshmallows now. T3T

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