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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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About me~ 17 year-old girl who gets attached to things easily, but is stubborn. D: I’m a germaphobe, (is that how you spell it…? T__T) and I believe that each day should be lived out to its fullest potential, because you never know when your life will be gone. SMILE!!! You never know who’s looking. Or who it’ll affect.


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Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Music: “Tanabata Matsuri” by Tegomass
Current Mood: Overwhelmed (but happy! ^^;)

Hello everyone.. ^_____^ Thank you so much for all of your comments, especially on my really long post last time.. WELL!! WHAT DO I SAY?? TT______TT life if full of stressful times, isn’t it? @___@ but, you know, never let a bad situation go. Grab onto that horrible situation ESPECIALLY if it’s a REALLY bad one. Because in the end, that bad situation will make you a stronger and better person. I guess… >_> *sweats*

WELL! My job as a receptionist at the Mortgage company is at its hardest right now. Dx I can’t really go into the details, but it’s really stressful and difficult. But, next Tuesday is my last day!! Because, the Japanese exchange student is arriving next Wednesday. ^__^ DUDE, WE ARE GOING TO DO SOOO MANY THINGS. O____o When my mom gave me the schedule of the things we are going to do while she’s are here… I was like, “WHOOOOOAAA!! WHAT THE……!??!” O_____O it’s a lot of things… but I know she’s going to have a lot of fun. ^^ We are going to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Las Vegas. o.o I’m super excited for Vegas!! xD teehee.

Oh ya.. INTERESTING thing happened today… o.o I was at my desk for work, which is at the entrance to the office, and I greet people and help the clients that come into the building. But, today, I saw a BUFF police officer come in and he started to yell!! O_o he yelled, “OKAY. EVERYONE EVACUATE THE BUILDING. WE GOT A GAS LEAK. EVERYONE OUT.” And I thought he was joking, but then he just walked out. O.o and I kinda just sat there like, “wtf??” And then one of the younger employees came running to the front like, “WHAT!?!?” then my bosses… (aka my father and this awesome Asian dude. xD) came running like, “WE HAVE TO EVACUATE!?” and then we all walked out of the building. (Good thing right next to the office building is a fire department ^^) And then my dads like, “Wait!! Isn’t there more people inside of the building???” and then he made that younger employee go in to get them. People came running out of the building holding crap loads of papers and stuff. xD And then my dads like, “I THINK THERE ARE STILL MORE!” (what the heck???) and he made the younger employee go in again. T___T poor thing. My dad wanted to make him go in again to get his car keys. WTH?!? Idk.. it’s kinda funny now though.. xD

Apparently, a car had backed into this gas thing that was in the back of the building, and there was a chance of an explosion.. I guess… but everything turned out okay. ^___^ I eventually had to go back to work.. T__T boo hoo.

But, besides that… everything’s great!! ^^ Aikido is good, except for this guy touching my head.. O_o it was kinda weird but nevermind… xD ahaha.

Well.. what now? We need some Asian love on here, neeeeee??? ^___________^ Shall we show some hip thrusts…?? TT///////////////////TT

ryo nishikido



And a make out scene…?? O/////////////o

Okay, I’m done.. -______-

WAIT!!! NOT REALLY!! I LIED!! Dx LaLa’s current non-stop obsession:

Click click click!!! ^___________^

Okay… done now.. ^_^

Love you guys!! I promise to try my best to comment… stress is on the overload right now. T3T Love you all!! Jesus loves you too!! *hugs*

Ja ne! ^w^


~*~*~Question of the Day!!!~*~*~

What would you do if you found out that the love of your life was actually the same sex as you…??

LaLa’s Answer: CALL MAURY!! Dx idk… too hard to answer.. T___T Be very surprised…?? And not suprised at the same time?? Idk.. a lot of the guys that I like could be mistaken for a girl.. xDD (don’t ask WHY this question is here.. I watch too much Maury. >_>)

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