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Thursday, July 9, 2009

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About me~ 17 year-old girl who gets attached to things easily, but is stubborn. D: I’m a germaphobe, (is that how you spell it…? T__T) and I believe that each day should be lived out to its fullest potential, because you never know when your life will be gone. SMILE!!! You never know who’s looking. Or who it’ll affect.


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New things in LaLa’s life!! ^__^
Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009
Music: “Chirarizumu” by Kato Shigeaki and Koyama Keiichiro
Current Mood: Love struck.. O.O

Hello everyone!! ^_________^ Thank you all so much for your comments… it sounds like a lot of you had a good Fourth of July. I SAW THE SMILY FIREWORKS!!!! O________________________O THEY WERE FREAKN’ AMAZING. But.. I didn’t do really much of anything I said I was going to…. Our plans completely changed, but 4th of July turned out great!! ^^

Well!! Some new things in my life… I have a job!! ^__^ I’m a receptionist at my fathers Mortgage company. I answer phones in English and Spanish and I organize files, fax, scan and copy stuff. It’s not all that fun… but I get paid for it!!!! ^_______^ I’m saving up money for the trip to Japan I’m going to make in Spring of 2011… I know it’s pretty far away, but might as well start saving now!! And I need money for gas in my car… and I’m going to get my license this summer!! I’LL BE DRIVING TO SCHOOL SENIOR YEAR. Dx NO MORE BUS. T___________T

Oh! And I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve done martial arts for over 8 years. I got my black belt in Red Dragon Karate and stopped going to karate at the end of last year. But! I recently started a new martial art!! ^__^ I started Aikido which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Karate…. Like in Karate, the stance is completely different, the concept of fighting is completely different… in Aikido we try to get away from a conflict without hurting the enemy.. and THE MOVES ARE SO COOL!! O_O You get away with barely hurting the opponent… but, the moves that we do in Aikido CAN cause extreme pain, if the need calls for it. It’s really interesting and I really like it. ^^

Oh! And I’m starting piano lessons again! One of my dads friend’s, who is super old but has been playing piano since he was a teen, is offering free lessons. I kinda miss piano.. and this man is AMAZING!! THE WAY HE PLAYS PIANO, OH MY GOODNESS. O______O He’s written his own pieces. I have piano right before my Japanese language classes… my summer is packed and TIGHT! Dx But, it’s been great so far!! ^__^ and the Japanese exchange student that’s staying at my house for a month is coming on my birthday, July 22. ^__^ This summer is turning out to be tiring but exciting.. I hope your guys’ summers are going well!! ^_^ and I’m sorry that I wrote so much this post.. O__o

Oh!! One more thing!! In two days…. July 11th, is another birthday… ^/////////////^

Shige Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy 22nd birthday Kato Shigeaki!!! Another member from the Japanese boy band NewS. He’s sooo cute!! ^/////////////^

Tego, Shige y Masu Pictures, Images and Photos
(In the middle, my boyfriend to the left. ^___^)

The cute!! ^_^


The… sexy…?? O_o

kato shigeaki


Ok… Done now.. ^___________^ Happy Birthday!! ^^

Well!! Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!! And rest of the week. ^_^ Love you guys!! *hugs*


~*~*~Question of the day!!!~*~*~

If you could have a one night stand with someone, who would it be and why??

LaLa’s Answer: O///////////////////O I’m just gunna say this person because he’s the first one to pop in my head.. (maybe because his picture is right in front of me.. -//////////////-) U-know Yunho DDDx why?? DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN!?!? DDDX

I think not… T///////////////////////T

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