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Welcome to the crazy Inuyasha fan's website! pleae enjoy yourself,& don't bother me with stupid stuff!(otherwise,i will send Inuyasha after you.i suggest you start running.Now.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

guess who's back! and guess who hasn't posted in a freakin year! -raises hand- why have i been gone so damn long? i suppose i should explain...
well,back in July,when my brother was born,everything suddenly went haywire.i then had to take my other brother to everywhere he needed to go.soccer practice,school,parties,and other random crap.yeesh,i didn't expect to first use my driver's permit for that..-___- also,i still had work of course.it's been busier than EVER lately in there,and i think my boss needs therapy.0_o also,a good thing happened!~ i have the best ever boyfriend! i lurves you Logan,because you're sooo cute! ^^ especially the way he first asked me! <33 it was the day after my 16th birthday(which was just a few days ago!),and i had had a pretty shitty birthday.oh yes,i got presents and such,but i was stuck either at school,taking brother dearest somewhere,or at work.and had to listen to my new brother cry.and cry.and cry.plus my dad was away on a trip as usual.work was hell that day.my boss was going insane,and the customers were driving ME insane.brother dearest hit my car with his soccer ball,and cracked the back window.so i thought what else could go wrong.then the next day,it happened.the best present i've ever gotten.my bestest friend since elementary(who i have had a crush one forever),asked me out.it was such a surprise! he told me he didn't know what to get me this year,cause usually he gets me anime stuff,but this year he wanted something different.and then he asked me out! the day suddenly got better.life didn't seem so hellish anymore.even annoying brothers,insane bosses,crazy customers,cracked car windows,and math tests couldn't bring my mood down!
wow...that didn't sound like me.i'm not normally all happy-goody-rainbow....but Logan makes me that way! i heart him forever & always! muwah,now i'm going to go eat pizza,then go to the movies with Logan! <33 so i'll post when i can!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

so...bored...went from school to work,and since my shift doesn't start yet,i got onto one of the computers at here.my new brother is due in July or something.i wasn't really paying attention when my mom told me.all i heard was "...stop spending so much time on the computer.....baby...July....drivers ed soon...blah blah blah...." first,i like staying on the computer all the time,second,i don't want another brother! i would've been happy with a sister at least!,and drivers ed is coming up sooner or later.whatever.my friend who already took it said that they give you a big book with 14 chapters to study,and they don't even ask questions from half of it! geez...-_-
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

aah..presents! i louved my prezzies! ^-^ i'll make a list of what i got!
The first & second Inuyasha movie,the third Dream Saga book,Chobits 1,2,& 3,an Inuyasha calendar,some cds of meh fave bands,and some other stuffs.i listed the best ones here! yay! *goes off to watch Inu movies*

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Monday, January 17, 2005

   i'm baaaaackkk!
i'm back from being grounded again! i bet you're thinking,holy crap,what did she do this time? it all started when i was on the plane,a whi;e back,coming home from visiting family.i was stuck in between my brother and this perverted weirdo,who kept "bothering" me(Miroku style.*shudders*)anyway,i finally whacked him with my bag,which had a lot of manga in it,food,and some other stuff.oh,did i mention i had my lucky cement block in there? it's true! i take it everywhere with me,just in case! ok,back to the story.my mom had accidentally gotten her seat far away from mine,so i was stuck back there,with my brother,and the pervert.and it just so happened that when i whacked the guy(then my brother for taking pictures of it),my mom had to be going by,and she grounded me for "hitting strangers." could i help it? the guy wouldn't leave me alone for pete's sake! geez...oh,did i mention today is my birthday? i'm turning 15! lalalalalala....i wonder what i'll get...i'm only on right now cause i don't have school,so i'm stuck here with my brother,who is sleeping for once.i didn't know that monster did sleep.oh well! at least my grounding was lifted because of my b-day! and plus,my dad gets to come home from Japan for it! yes,that's right,Japan.my dad has business trips all over the world sometimes,and this time it's Japan! yay! i wonder what he brings me..^^
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Friday, December 10, 2004

   so pissed!!
i'm so friggin pissed off! i went to work today(as usual)and,turns out,my boss had hired a new girl to be a waitress like me.here's what really mad me mad:i was on my break in the back room,and i had brought a Fruits Basket book to read while i ate.well,she came back to get something,and she noticed me reading it.she comes up to me,pulls the book down and throws it on the table and goes,"i can't believe you read those,you're such a big loser baby!"
that made me mad! so,for the rest of the time i was there,i made life miserable for her.i'd "accidentally" confuse her orders or "accidentally" run into her and make her drop whatever she was carrying.i even tripped her once she spilled coffee and cake all over herself and some customers! it was hilarious! i had to go to the back to laugh so she wouldn't see me! i laughed so hard! i even took a picture of her whenshe was on the floor with cake and hot coffee all over herself.she "reported" me to out boss,and my boss said,"who? Jenny? she would never do a thing like that! you must be mistaken."
she got mad at that.she started yelling at my boss,and eventually cussed him out,and she was fired.just goes to show ya,NEVER make fun of an anime/manga fan's stuff.(especially when your boss is one too! ^^)

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