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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   hey everybody in the club!
lol i'm so kidding! lol *laughs more* okay, i'm majorly sorry i haven't put any new posts up in for friggin' ever! i keep forgetting...*laughs nevously* anyways, can you believe we managed another year? i can't believe we haven't blown the whole world up yet! but this isn't a laughing matter because it could happen if we don't take care of our planet.
so how have you all been? i hope you like the new background and avi; they are pita-ten for those who do and do not know what it is. =^-^= i think misha(girl in bg and avi) is way cute! i just had to use pita-ten! =^-^=
i have to go know, but as soon as i can i will be back! lol so goodbye to all my loyal subjects, and may all you dreams come true! no...i'm totally just kidding. that's way too weird for me. lol but really, good day and good luck! =^.^=<--MEOW!!!
buh-bye, ~Sakura(aka kinomoto-san/chan, or sakura-chan)

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