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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   hey pplz!
hey pplz! whats up? i have skool tomorrow...i dont wanna go! my 13th birthday is coming up!! yaay! wish me a happy one!
gr8 news! my friend just signed up for theO! he was kind of an idiot, and didnt get the gb up. lol i told him put it up tho, and when he does, im gonna be the first to sign it! i would like it if youd all sign it too; ill tell you when he gets it up. his screenname is def FMA freak. write it down, or keep it in your memory. lol
i almost fell asleep in my science and math classes, cuz in science we took notes, and in math we took a test. im sleepy as shit right now! *yawns hugely*...*yawns hugely again*...lol
well, i think thats it 4 today...
RANDOM QUESTION: whats your fave subject in skool? or if you arent in skool, what was your fave?
mine would have to be student aide, cuz my teachers awesome!!
ttfn and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv and many sleepy hugs,

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