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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   new site theme!!
as the post says, i decided to change my site 2 naruto. purely out of the fact that naruto starts up saturday night on toonami(cant wait!!) and that the pink was getting to me. do you like it?
lol anyways, nm happend to me today, i had to get up in front of my english class, which i hate doing btw, and read this essay about what one possession we had that would desccribe us to a person who didnt know us very well. it was so annoying, and since im rly shy, it took forever, seemingly to me, to read my essay. why me?!
im gonna change the midi to a better one instead of this piece a crap! lol
did anyone notice its finally the weekend? im very happy, cuz i wanted to get out of skool asap! lol
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: since i dont know most of you very well, what one possession of yours could tell me a little bit about you?
mine are my anime posters cuz i luv anime! duh! lol
ttfn and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv,

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