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Monday, September 5, 2005

   hi there!
as you can plainly see, i changed my bg and avi again. i hope you like the tmm theme! i havent been doing anything rly. im happy i have a 3 day weekend!! NO SCHOOL!! YAY!! i got in a fight w/ my parents again. i hate them! most of the time....*sighs*
anyways, i dont know if this question will be a repeat and if it is, im so so so sry!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your fave movie(both anime and not)?
i think mine are:
non anime: the brothers grimm
anime: inuyasha 2, soon to be 3.
i plan on buying #3 for my upcoming b-day. lol
ttyl and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv,

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