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Friday, September 2, 2005

hi everyone! sry i havent updated since monday. ive been so busy w/ school and crap like that. ive also been going 2 my bros. baseball games, but i think his team sux since they arent very good...btw, do any of you like harry potter? i know this rly good fanfic on fanfiction.net, so check it out! the author is Jan McNelle. i read it, and if ya like snape or hermione, then this a good story 4 you 2 read.
anyways, im rly bored.*sighs while looking around 4 anything remotely interesting 2 do* how are all of you? im fine, just bored. did i mention i hate school, cuz if i didnt, let me just say:
ok, its out of my system...i think...lol
RANDOM QUESTION: do any of you like totally anime fanfics?
i do cuz i enjoy reading about the adventures my fave anime characters have and the relationships that go on in the fanfics.
well, ttyl and ja ne!

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