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Monday, August 29, 2005

hey random ones! whats up? i had my first day of school 2day, and i had so much fun! my little bro is starting middle school 2(hes in 6th grade) so im rly proud of him 4 making it thru the first day. i saw all my old friends from last year, except my best friend, which kinda sux rly badly. i wish she would go back 2 my school! *sobs* ok know that thats outta my system, did any of you catch the vma's last night? im so happy that greenday won like, 3 awards! they so totally rock!! other than that, not much happened 2 me, at least not recently.
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your favorite video game?
i dont know if this a repeat question, but if it is, im so so sorry. mine is all the kingdom hearts video games, and all the inuyasha video games.
i g2g, but ill ttyl alien people!
much luv,

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