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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

what up homiez? i just went 2 bucca de beppo, which is this really good italian restaurant near where i live. its so yummy!!!! since ive done nothing out of the ordinary 2day, im going 2 skip ahead 2 the question.
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your fave day of the week?
mine is saturday, cuz of anime night.
ttyl y'all*muah*!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   hey peoples!!!
hey y'all! im so sry i havent been updating at all! ive been in cali visiting my dad 4 the summer, and he doesnt have internet access. ya, it sux hard! i went 2 gr8 america finally, and i am in luv w/ roller coasters now! i also went to mexico 4 two weeks. it was a blast 4 sure!!! well, here it is:
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your favorite theme park, if youve been 2 any?
till whenever: i luv u all*huggies and kissies!!!!*

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

hey y'all! can anybody help me? i wanna get a chobits bg, but i dont know how. if anybody could find 1 and give me the code that would be awesome.
if your 1 of the new people visiting my site, im sry that theres no bg. i screwed up trying 2 put a new 1 in, but it didnt work. sry!!
RANDOM QUESTION: what are some different states, if any, that you have gone 2 in the US?
till 2morrow: i luv y'all! ^.~
baibai4now tomodachis!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

hey y'all! i found out that my parents hate me. they claim i yell at my bros 2 much, which isnt true. then my mom calls me short and rude claiming i yell at her and my stepdad 2 much! i was brought up 2 well 2 commit suicide or run away. i have thot about it tho...i did run away 4 a little while 2day. i went 2 the park 4 a couple hours, and it really helped. im not the type 2 cry, but i cryed 4 a solid 30 min. im okay now tho...
anyways, i have 2 more days of school!!! i have my finals, but thats ok! ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!! im very happy. then on saturday, i get 2 visit my dad in cali 4 the whole summer!! YAAAY!!! i hope y'all have fantasmatic summers 2!
RANDOM QUESTION: have ya ever been 2 any other country besides the US?
till 2morrow: i luv y'all! *hugs*
baibai4now tomodachis!! ^.~

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   hi there!
hi y'all! im so sry i havent been on in 4ever! ive been so busy w/ all sorts of junk. 4give me plz? did any of ya catch the new shows on adult swim and toonami last night? i watched 'em all! hope youve all had a fantasmatic weekend. i have 2 go bak 2 school 2morrow, but thank god theres only 4 days left! yay!!
RANDOM QUESTION: whos your fave family member and why?
till 2morrow: i luv y'all! *hugs*
l8r tomodachis!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

hey y'all! wuz up? im so excited! i might go cosplaying this summer! im probably go as sakura(card captors). we look exactly alike; i just need 2 make an outfit. im gonna use the staff from the second season. it has a star! i have nothing more 2 say 4 2day.
RANDOM QUESTION: What is your fave color and why?
talk 2 ya peoples 2morrow, luv ya!
baibai4now tomodachis!!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   random hi
hey random peoples! umm...i have no idea what 2 say. ive been so absolutely bored. i went back 2 school 2day, even tho i didnt want 2. i hate school! DOWN W/ SCHOOL! SCHOOL IS EVIL!! well, now that thats said and done...
RANDOM QUESTION: How old are you, where do you live, and whats your real name(REAL NAMES PEOPLE!)?
i ask this 2 all my friends on the pc, so im asking y'all. till 2morrow, i luv y'all random peoples! baibai4now tomodachis!!
~Sakura~ ^.~

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hiyas y'all!! wuz up? im so bored...again...im so happy! i heard about all the new premieres coming out on toonami(and others on cartoon network). im so excited, i can barely wait! i have nothing more 2 say, except you can hope 2 expect a couple new things on my site in the next few days.
RANDOM QUESTION: Who's your fave band/singer, or both if ya feel like it.
till 2morrow, luv ya all! muah!! ~Sakura~ ^.~

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Monday, May 30, 2005

   hey people!
sorry im doing this so late! im super sleepy, and i can barely stare at the screen right now. i really hopelessly badly need your help! i honestly need you guys 2 help me try and get my midi working! i need pro advice! i actually saw all the premieres on cartoon network last night on adult swim, did any of you? it ruled! anyways, im super bored, so im just gonna get 2 the question.
RANDOM QUESTION: Who's your favorite anime villain?

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

hey y'all! sry i havent been putting posts up the last few days! once again, ive been really busy w/ studying, tai-kwon-do, and stuff. i realize the inu midi isnt working, and im very sorry about that. i dont know why, so i need some expert advice on the situation. so when you people have the time, plz pm or comment me. thankies!!
RANDOM QUESTION: if anyone of you has gone 2 a convention, who did you cosplay as?

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