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Sunday, August 28, 2005

ok in case you guys havent noticed, i changed my avi again, but only 2 go w/ the new bg. btw, i hope you all like the new bg. i found it on this 1 site, cant remember which, but i found this and knew it was perfect! anyways, nm going on here. i helped 2 of my friends get 2 gether, so im happy i could help. you 2 luvbirds know who you are! 2day was chore day 4 me, which i so despise and hate...2morrow is my first day of school. im excited 2 see my friends and teachers, but i dont want 2 learn. why was school created? did they mean 2 torture kids w/ it? theyre evil!!! lol
RANDOM QUESTION: what do you like most about school? you arent allowed 2 say you hate it, even if you do. youre bound 2 find at least 1 thing you enjoy while your there!
mine is seeing my friends everyday!
ttfn kiddies!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   im running out of things to say here
im actually happier than i was an hour and a half ago! i got in a fight w/ my parents again. my uncle came 2 visit tho! hes rly funny!! i went out 2 eat again 2night. we went 2 this rly rly good pizza place called BJs Brewhouse. its yummy!
RANDOM QUESTION: What is your favorite tv channel?
i dont know if ive asked that, but if i have im sry. im running out of things 2 say...eheh...
ttfn random humans!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

   hi guys and gals!
what up my homies? i have some bad news. im gonna die...in 7 days! no im totally just kidding! anyways, now that thats off my chest. i go back 2 school in 5 days. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYY????!!!! i will be counting the days until i go back 2 that damn hellhole. why do we have 2 go 2 school anyways? most kids 4get what they learn by the time summer starts! i actually cant wait 2 see my friends tho.
RANDOM QUESTION: if i change my site, what would ya want me 2 change it 2?
i cant decide, so plz help me!!! ill ttyl ladies and gents!
much luv,

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i made a quiz, and i dont know if it will work. im gonna try and put it in this post...apparently it wont work...oh well! nm going on here, im just insanely bored...and i have a headache. but on the plus side im going bowling l8r!!!! yay!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your favorite sport?
i like tennis and baseball/softball.
ttyl everyone*muah*!
much luv,

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Monday, August 22, 2005

hey dudes and dudettes! im sry 4 the people who are visiting my site. if you would direct your attention 2 my avi 4 a moment. you might notice it is syaoran(tsubasa/card captors), but the caption says otherwise. i tried changing my avi, and this happens everytime! AARGH!! anyways, just so ya know, im changing my site 2 a kingdom hearts one 4 a little while. when its ready, i hope youll all like it! heres a(hopefully) new question...
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your biggest pet peeve?
mine is...i dont rly know...i think it might be my little brothers existance...yup, its that.
ttyl random aliens*muah*!!
much luv 2 every1,

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   hey random peoples!!
hey guys and gals! im happier now cuz i made up w/ my bff. we got in a fight over some random crud, but we 4gave each other, and now were friends again. i found out that my fave song is "cold" by crossfade. it rulz!!! anyways, i just went out 2 eat, and i feel like puking. i ate 2 fast...eheheh...
RANDOM QUESTION: have you ever fought w/ a friend(not 2 pry in any1s personal life)?
talk 2 y'all l8r*muah*!!
much luv 2 ya,

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

hey everyone. im kinda depressed right now cuz im having a fight w/ my bff...i dont rly know why, i just want it 2 stop...
RANDOM QUESTION: if you were going 2 a deserted island and no one else was there, what 3 things would you bring?
ttyl y'all*muah*!!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

   what up y'all?
what up my homiez? i havent been doing much 2day except playing on my pc. i have nothing better 2 do. i met this really nice guy while i was chatting, and thats about it. hes real sweet, but he lives in the uk. oh well! i guess its better that way.
RANDOM QUESTION: Whats your favorite website?
mine is either theO or quizilla. cant decide...ttyl y'all*muah*!!
much luv 2 ya,

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   hi again!
sry i didnt finish the first post. i had 2 go get ready 4 the movies. sry it took so long. since i now have nothing else 2 say, ill get 2 the fun part.
RANDOM QUESTION: how many relatives do you have(that are alive)?
i have so many i lost count. ill talk 2 y'all l8r! ttyl *muah*!
much luv 2 y'all,

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today is the same day as any other day in reality, except im going 2 see charlie and the chocolate factory (finally!!). The scary part of my day yesterday was that my bros friend came over and i have a big crush on me, even tho hes a year younger than i am. i know, weird right? well, he let me lean my head on his shoulder while we were watching my bro play video games. ill be back!
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