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Sunday, October 9, 2005

hihi! wassup? as you can see, i changed my site to fma(duh!). isnt edo-kun just the finest piece of human youve ever seen? damn that bitch is fine! lol
umm....sry i havent updated in awhile, ive been really busy! but guess what? i went to a greenday concert! *screams* it was so much fun! billie joe is so god damn fine too! lol
the banner thats up right now is from my friend blackpendant222! thanx so much! you are an awesome friend! hugs and kisses!
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your fave drink?
mine has to be coke, coke products, coke coke coke! lol
RANDOM QUOTE: The subliminal mind, FUCK AMERICA!
-Greenday(American Idiot)
nice talking to y'all again! *hugs*
ja ne,

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

hey pplz! whats up? ok i have 2 reasons why i havent updated. one was that my computer was down until monday, which really sucked. secondly was that i was just confuzzled and forgot that i didnt put any posts up since sept. 15. so im way sorry! forgive me?
im pretty sure i got to everyones sites, and if i missed anyones, im so so so sorry!
ok, my friend came up with this idea of a random quote. i think ill try it too, so tell me if you like it or not! thanx!
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: would you prefer long or short quotes on my site?
RANDOM QUOTE: You know what really grinds my gears? -Peter Griffin (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story)
this has been a news report from sakura kinimoto. thank you and good night!
lol ja ne everyone!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   bad news!
hey pplz! i have doubly bad news! which is bad! lol first of all, my skool decided to make up this new rule saying no backpacks whatsoever on campus because retarded kids are tripping over other kids backpacks. second of all, has anyone seen the notice that said that do as infinity, the band who does shinjutsu no uta and fukai mori(inuyasha theme songs), have split up? thats cruel and unusual punishment! thats horrible! i luv that band, and now im finding out that they broke up?! that sux!
anyways, how is everyone else doing? lol
if ya havent noticed, im very bipolar. lol
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: how did you find out about theO?
i found out from my best bud in the whole wide world! not to make any of you feel bad or anything, cuz i still luv all of ya!
much luv,

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   hey pplz!
hey pplz! whats up? i have skool tomorrow...i dont wanna go! my 13th birthday is coming up!! yaay! wish me a happy one!
gr8 news! my friend just signed up for theO! he was kind of an idiot, and didnt get the gb up. lol i told him put it up tho, and when he does, im gonna be the first to sign it! i would like it if youd all sign it too; ill tell you when he gets it up. his screenname is def FMA freak. write it down, or keep it in your memory. lol
i almost fell asleep in my science and math classes, cuz in science we took notes, and in math we took a test. im sleepy as shit right now! *yawns hugely*...*yawns hugely again*...lol
well, i think thats it 4 today...
RANDOM QUESTION: whats your fave subject in skool? or if you arent in skool, what was your fave?
mine would have to be student aide, cuz my teachers awesome!!
ttfn and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv and many sleepy hugs,

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Monday, September 12, 2005

hey! i just got out of skool for today, and im wiped out. all i wanna do is sleep, eat, and go on the computer. lol how are all of you?
my friend wants to join up on theO, and he needs a nickname. can some of you help me with that? just give me ideas please and thank you!
btw, here are my stats so far!
total visits: 309
popularity ranking: 2,795 [out of 34,985 active sites]
id like to thank everybody who helped me get here! id really like it if more people added comments cuz ive noticed im only getting a few comments to my posts everyday. i mean, i realize theyre a little boring, but all you have to do is tell me and ill try to change them.
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is the most comments youve ever gotten for a post?
i think mine is 8...so lets try and get it there or higher!! kk?
well, i g2g, but would more of you comment please and thank you?ttyl tomodachis!
much luv,

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   new site theme!!
as the post says, i decided to change my site 2 naruto. purely out of the fact that naruto starts up saturday night on toonami(cant wait!!) and that the pink was getting to me. do you like it?
lol anyways, nm happend to me today, i had to get up in front of my english class, which i hate doing btw, and read this essay about what one possession we had that would desccribe us to a person who didnt know us very well. it was so annoying, and since im rly shy, it took forever, seemingly to me, to read my essay. why me?!
im gonna change the midi to a better one instead of this piece a crap! lol
did anyone notice its finally the weekend? im very happy, cuz i wanted to get out of skool asap! lol
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: since i dont know most of you very well, what one possession of yours could tell me a little bit about you?
mine are my anime posters cuz i luv anime! duh! lol
ttfn and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv,

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   hi everyone!
whats up? i have another week of school 2 look forward 2. *voice dripping w/ sarcasm* yipee! anyways, whats up w/ you? im bored, sleepy, tired, and did i mention i was bored? i cant seem 2 im my friend...ill have 2 check and see if my retarded stepdad got rid of it or not...idiot...*glares at stepdad* heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: do you think i should change my theme 4 my site?
i would rather i did, just cuz my friend said the bg was 2 pink, and its kinda buggin me anyways.
ttyl and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv,

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Monday, September 5, 2005

   hi there!
as you can plainly see, i changed my bg and avi again. i hope you like the tmm theme! i havent been doing anything rly. im happy i have a 3 day weekend!! NO SCHOOL!! YAY!! i got in a fight w/ my parents again. i hate them! most of the time....*sighs*
anyways, i dont know if this question will be a repeat and if it is, im so so so sry!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your fave movie(both anime and not)?
i think mine are:
non anime: the brothers grimm
anime: inuyasha 2, soon to be 3.
i plan on buying #3 for my upcoming b-day. lol
ttyl and ja ne tomodachis!
much luv,

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Friday, September 2, 2005

hi everyone! sry i havent updated since monday. ive been so busy w/ school and crap like that. ive also been going 2 my bros. baseball games, but i think his team sux since they arent very good...btw, do any of you like harry potter? i know this rly good fanfic on fanfiction.net, so check it out! the author is Jan McNelle. i read it, and if ya like snape or hermione, then this a good story 4 you 2 read.
anyways, im rly bored.*sighs while looking around 4 anything remotely interesting 2 do* how are all of you? im fine, just bored. did i mention i hate school, cuz if i didnt, let me just say:
ok, its out of my system...i think...lol
RANDOM QUESTION: do any of you like totally anime fanfics?
i do cuz i enjoy reading about the adventures my fave anime characters have and the relationships that go on in the fanfics.
well, ttyl and ja ne!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

hey random ones! whats up? i had my first day of school 2day, and i had so much fun! my little bro is starting middle school 2(hes in 6th grade) so im rly proud of him 4 making it thru the first day. i saw all my old friends from last year, except my best friend, which kinda sux rly badly. i wish she would go back 2 my school! *sobs* ok know that thats outta my system, did any of you catch the vma's last night? im so happy that greenday won like, 3 awards! they so totally rock!! other than that, not much happened 2 me, at least not recently.
RANDOM QUESTION: what is your favorite video game?
i dont know if this a repeat question, but if it is, im so so sorry. mine is all the kingdom hearts video games, and all the inuyasha video games.
i g2g, but ill ttyl alien people!
much luv,

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