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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

   Cross Country.
This weekend is the first cross country meet of this season. I'm really nervous. I mean, I'm definetly improving, and I feel better than i was last year. But I just had such a bad season last year. And I can't stop thinking that this year could be the same. it was horrible, last year when i would finish a race and people would ask me how i did i'd say, "i don't wanna talk about it." thats not good. I want to be able to be proud of how i did. I also want to make varsity this year. guess i just have to work really hard. =D

since school is going to be starting soon, I am going to have alot of funny stuff to tell and good stories. Especially to do with the guy I like. And I don't want to every time i mention him to have to say, 'the guy i like' so i should tell his name. it's adam. The other friends i'll probably mention alot are kenzie, anna, and jordan. They're who i talk to the most. at school at least.

Lastly I wanted to mention that I was browsing youtube the other day and found a certain something. It was a video of the grand finale of Britains Got Talent 2008. The winner was this 15 year old named george sampson. He's a dancer. Omg, he's amazing, and he's hot (in an adorable way), and he's british! I mean, he's only a year younger than me. lol. If I ever went to britain i'd totally be on that. haha.

well, heres the video.

<3 him.

well, thats all for today. =D


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