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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

   Cross Country.
This weekend is the first cross country meet of this season. I'm really nervous. I mean, I'm definetly improving, and I feel better than i was last year. But I just had such a bad season last year. And I can't stop thinking that this year could be the same. it was horrible, last year when i would finish a race and people would ask me how i did i'd say, "i don't wanna talk about it." thats not good. I want to be able to be proud of how i did. I also want to make varsity this year. guess i just have to work really hard. =D

since school is going to be starting soon, I am going to have alot of funny stuff to tell and good stories. Especially to do with the guy I like. And I don't want to every time i mention him to have to say, 'the guy i like' so i should tell his name. it's adam. The other friends i'll probably mention alot are kenzie, anna, and jordan. They're who i talk to the most. at school at least.

Lastly I wanted to mention that I was browsing youtube the other day and found a certain something. It was a video of the grand finale of Britains Got Talent 2008. The winner was this 15 year old named george sampson. He's a dancer. Omg, he's amazing, and he's hot (in an adorable way), and he's british! I mean, he's only a year younger than me. lol. If I ever went to britain i'd totally be on that. haha.

well, heres the video.

<3 him.

well, thats all for today. =D


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Saturday, August 16, 2008

   Goddanm. Finally.
So I finished the ash and misty fanart after, like, forever. it took me so long because my sisters comp decided to just shit all over itself and not work for a good two weeks. But its working again. so im happy. =D

school is soon to start. and I have alot of classes with friends. yay. i have feeling that this year is going to be really fun. I'm actually excited for school to start. Another thing I'm excited for is to see that guy i like again. gah, i haven't seen him in forever. i've just been pining to see him. its almost nerve wrecking. i called him when i was at cross country camp (like a week ago. it was awesome.) to find out his schedule for school. omg, just hearing his voice made me so happy. I wonder if he's changed. After our little arguement that i mentioned in an earlier post i think he'll treat me better. =D

since i mentioned cross country camp, i should tell about it. five days of silly games, alot of running, crappy food, and sleeping in one room with the team. i loved it. except for the canoeing.

i was forced to partner with this weird girl who had no idea how the hell to canoe. she kept running our canoe into rockbeds, other canoes and whatnot. and she would not listen to me. but i guess its okay, i got ice cream afterwards and now i have a funny story to tell. also, once she ran us into a huge rock and i dropped my paddle. again, it was alright because thses two really cute guys in a canoe ahead caught it for me. =D

the workouts at camp were hard, but i ran really hard to make our team look good. lol.

i've realized so much more since the cross country season started that i really love running. its weird, when i run, i'm just happy. its one of the best feelings in the world, how i feel when i run. it's nothing sort of amazing.

now i'm just rambling. lol.

well, thats all for today.


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

so im eating some tasty pie right now. my sister loves to cook and bake so she baked a pie and its delicious. =D

because i always have to bring it up at least once in almost every post, comics. i've been trying hard to work faster on drawing pages and what-not, i drew two pages yesterday, and today I want to at least draw one. hopefully I can do 4-5 pages a week. hopefully.

so, i think i should mention that nothing happened with that guy i liked. to tell you the truth, it was because I thought he hated me. I didn't mention this before, but he's a complete and total asshole, which partly made me wonder why i liked him. we ended up getting in a huge arguement about how he treated me a few weeks ago(everyone says we argue like an old married couple.)

he didn't treat me like a friend. i think he might have felt embarassed to be associated with me, so he told other people he hated me. also, he would ignore me around certain people, and would treat all his "real" friends better. I got so pissed, and was complaining to my friend about it. she got mad that he would do that, so she sent him a text that said, "You are such an asshole, I'm sick of your shit. Don't bother talking to me anymore." Then signed it with my name. i thought that was taking it a little far, i didn't want to stop being his friend, i just wanted him to accept me. i sent him a message on myspace explaining i hadn't sent the text, and asking him why he was such an ass. and if he really hated me like he told people, why he talked to me. I was so happy when he told me he really didn't hate me, and he explained somethings, justifying some of the things he did. He still is an asshole, but thats just his personality, i guess. I think I didn't really care about him being an asshole to me, i was just upset because i like him, and i thought he hated me.

i dont think im gonna tell him i like him anytime soon. im content for now because i know he at least thinks of me as a friend. and, right now, thats all i need. just as long as he cares in some way.

it was kinda funny, my friend got a little mad that i fixed things up with him.


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