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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Sneakk Peek of Manga Maniacs!!! And other stuff...

12:30 am

hey1 Right now I’m watching Gundam Seed and then .hack//legend. Well, I was gonna update yesterday, but I had to leave for ballet ^^:; My class is at 4:30. Then my dad picks me up.
One of my friends in ballet, also goes to my homeschooling group. Her bro, who’s 16 and drives (^_~) goes too. Well after our class, which is at her aunt’s house, he came by! I was surprised o.0 then I remember he just started driving XD. Actually he’s my crush ^^ He’s venezualan and he’s got the whole gangster look lol! Like Ricky Ricardo but with curly hair, and baggy clothes. But he’s very sweet ^^ he’s also in my geo class…anyways, enuff ranting!

Ya know what happened after? O.0 my dad picked me and had to go to Shoppers (food store) and OMG!! There were millions of ppl! We had to park far away! My dad had to go around the parking lot looking for a cart. And in the end, the lines were so long they went into the isles! Lol It was funny cuz the lines were so long and slow, random people started making friends. OH! Lol duh! The reason it was freakin full was because there’s a snow storm today that will turn into a blizzard ^^ SNOW!!! Haha… Then me and my dad went to the subway across the parking lot to eat yum! ^.^

Well today I’m going to do my English exams, Grammar and literature. It won’t be hard ^^

Random but good news!

kagomeglitter1 joined my manga club ^_^

I made Petie a 200 gb signings banner ^_^ I'm not sure if her put it up yet o.0

GUESS WHAT?! lol, i started working on the "Manga Maniacs" website! down there is the html stuff. Copy it (highlite and Ctrl C) and go to Founder Web and paste it (Ctrl V) in one of their “testing” rectangle lol. Then click launch. I hope you like what I got so far!!!

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