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Friday, June 3, 2005

   Hewwo everyone!

TGIF ^.^

Woo! It’s Friday! Well, unfortunately, I can’t go to my bf’s sister’s graduation party tomorrow >_< Our lives are too crazy right now! Besides on Saturdays we have tons of things to do! But my mom wants to make it up to me by going shopping in the morning ^_^ I need summer clothes! And my bf mentioned something about a surprise for me and I almost got it out of him! I only got some clues lol. But I won’t know till in a month according to him ^^;;

Thanks for the awesome comments! You guys are so sweet! I’m finishing up school today for good! Woooo! Then at 4 30 I have my ballet rehearsal. We’re doing a whole song on point and I’m a bit nervous ^^;; The recital is on Sunday, me so excited! And chibi ballerina27 is gonna come ^.^

Oh yeah! She’s coming over on June 8th to the 11th, cuz her parents are going on a trip. While she’s here, I was thinking to invite these brothers we know that live around me to go biking to the park by my house ^_^ I also wanna invite my bf, cuz he say’s he can ride his bike to my house even tho it’s like 20/30 miles away o.0 lol, I could never work out as much as he does, I’d die!

NEW FANART!!!! Check it out! I was bored so I drew my elf character Emiko in a new style ^_^

I’m pretty bored/excited cuz I have to finish school, but I’m gonna finish it! Lol So ask me questions! I feel like answering ^.^ I don’t care about what ^_^

Thanks again for reading!


Screw School!!!!!…..Manga Maniacs is temporarily down due to insane amounts of homework….

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Life is crazy! Good, bad... ya never know.

Update/ Happy/Relieved

OMG! Ok well… so I went to my bf’s house and we went kayaking right? It was a lot of fun! And I got to know his sister a lot more. She’s really nice, and kinda like me, yet she’s 18, lol. Well, my mom was suspicious, and I really wanted to tell her anyways, I just didn’t know how cuz in a way he’s my first bf. But she found out and she talked to my bf about it o.0 Now I know you guys prolly think I’m mad, but my mom was being very sweet to him, and he was so sweet for understanding.

So at first I was sad cuz it all felt so weird, and I wanted to tell my dad but I was scared what he’d say! So my mom told him when they went to pick up my bro. When they came back my bro came inside but they kept talking in the car 0.0 When they came back, My dad didn’t say anything (he was tired from a medical exam earlier) but my mom said he wants to talk to me later. And he did be4 I went to bed. And he was so nice about it too! I was so surprised. Of course he gave me many warnings and he’s been through it too. He told me that if I should fall in love, that the man first must have a relationship with God. And my bf is a Christian and very kind and he respects me ^_^ He also told me that before I have a relationship with anyone I should have one with God too. And I agree, so I’ve been having my devotionals and it makes me feel so happy and refreshed ^_^ And after everything was done, I just started to cry because I was so relieved and happy and saw how much my parents loved me and I love them! They gave me a lot of mercy!
My bf told his parents too and said that it went well too. His sister invited me to her graduation party this weekend, and I’m praying my parents will let me go. If I do go my mom will prolly want to come lol, but I don’t mind ^_^ So that’s practically it these past few days! Mi vida loca! Tee hee... oh! I saw the 3rd eppy of Princess TuTu! And I love “Full Metal Panic” and “Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU “. Also I’ve gotten into “Maburaho” “Pretear” and “Shamanic Princes” ^____^

AHHH!!! I remembered yay! Who saw the new inuyasha on Saturday nite?! And s-cry-ed and paranoia angent? I thought It was cool ^_^ Well thanx again for reading! I only have 2 more quizzes and the final exam for history, bible verse exam in history, I poem quiz and I’M DONE! WOOOOOOO

*runs away screaming frantically*


Screw School!!!!!…..Manga Maniacs is temporarily down due to insane amounts of homework….

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Monday, May 30, 2005

   Good Morning!


TADA! New theme! I wanted to change the theme, because the DN Angel one was confusing me, and I wanted something more simple. I barely got by using photoshop… I kinda played around, so I couldn’t make any special graphics. Since I’m busy and all, I wanted something simple yet pretty ^.^ I love Princess TuTu! Although I’ve only seen ep. 2 I hope you enjoy it too!


I went to church yesterday and I got donuts! Some kids are saving up money for a missions trp to Dominican Republic. Also I saw the guy I had a crush on ^^;; I feel bad… I can tell he likes me but I already have my bf. I don’t want to flirt with him, but I also don’t want to randomly say that I have bf… lol.

OK, so do you guys have school today? It doesn’t really matter for me since I homeshcool. But OMG! Hehe, my bf call me this morning at 9… I thought “How weird…” lol Anyways, he asked me if I wanted to go kayaking with his family!!! I was like OMG! Of course I wanna come! I asked my mom,(my parents don’t know about my bf) and she’s like “if I were you I’d go!” And I was surprised by her enthusiasm. But my dad… he was like, “No it’s a boy..” lol! My mom defended me saying his family wud be there! And it’s tru ^_^ So I’m excited! I still have to make sure it’s final with my mom, and I”ll call him back ^_^ I’ll tell you guys tomorrow!

Enjoy your daaaaaaaaaaaay! So what are you guys doing today?

Thanks for the comments yesterday! Hope ya like my site, it’s still in progress…


Screw School!!!!!…..Manga Maniacs is temporarily down due to insane amounts of homework….

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

   happy happy happy ^^;;


Sorry for not updating ^^;; Actually I’m kinda proud! ^_^ I had lots of homework and I managed to stay away from the comp and get most of it done ^___^ Unfortunetaly, I got even more homework on Thursday >_< I did most of it and now this is what I have left:

Research on the Human Genome Project (o.0 ß me)

Work on final Shinkansen research paper.

Finish most of painting of horse on 2 foot canvas >_<

Oh well…eventually. Chibi ballerina27 got inspired by my Fruits Basket mangas and decided to buy one of her own ^^ She got Ranma ½ and OMG! Does it sound um.. interesting. Today we’re gonna do a trade ^_^ I’ll let her borrow my 1st FB manga and she’ll let me borrow her Ranma ½ manga ^^ Can’t wait!


EEK! I loved Gundam Seed!! Athrun and Kira! Reunite! XD And I didn’t know there were new eppies of shaman king! I missed last week’s but I saw today and it was AWESOME! Yoh finds out that Zeke is his brother! O.0 Sorry ppls, I forgot Zeke’s real name ^^;; (Japanese original) Rave master was awesome too! Poor Haru’s dad might be evil o.0 But I saw in the “rave along” that Haru is on his dads shoulders ^.^ So I guess it all works out! EEK! It was the end of DBGT! O.0 I was like “OMG IS THAT PAN?!” haha! She was old XD And little vegeta and goku in the end! ^.^ Anyways, what about DICE? It’s ok o.0 Maybe it’ll get more interesting… FMA ROCKED! And right now, I’m watchin Ghost in a Shell, and it’s sooo cute! =^.^=

Well, then.. I won’t update tomorrow because of homework >_< but.. REMEMBER! February 1st is the GRAND OPENING of the Manga Maniacs site! ^_^ I have to say, I learned, not only more html, but also a lot of style! I’m excited! Something new! ^O^ Also I’ll put up my valentines theme!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! What did you do?…


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Monday, January 24, 2005

   My Club! ^.^ freaky letter 0.o 12:00 am

What was with that stupid chain letter?

Hey guys! I am soooooo excited! ^.^ The site for Manga Maniacs is done! I will debut it on February 1. Why not right away you say? Well, cuz it will debut at the same time as my Valentine’s theme (which is ready BTW ^.^) and well… it’s just better if it comes out on the “first” of something XD Sounds nicer lol. Also it will give me time to edit tiny things here and there. OH! The best part is that it’s not on any free web hosting thingy, like freewebs. But I’m not paying either XD See my dad is a computer programmer, web designer ^_^ So he has his own hosting site. When he heard I was working on a site, he insisted that he hosted it XD lol I was like “be my guest!”. So I’m so grateful he’s letting me do this! ^_^
He’s also hosting 2 of our other friends sites too. But he’s making their sites XD One is for our friend’s son’s Spanish school. And the other, well this friend has his own CD now, so my dad is making a site for him. He also bought this program called “Cake Walk”, and apparently you can cut music. So he wants to put small pieces of our friends music on this site. That way people can hear a sample of it ^_^ And then my dad has his own job of computer programming XD Man, is he busy o.0

lol, Well I know how Me Luv Kyo Kun feels like XD People say that they’d like to join my club but in my comment boxes. If you are interested please PM me ^^;;

um um um… I have tons of homework! I’ve been avoiding it with all this html stuff but I have to get serious!

I have to…

Write a paragraph on Gregor Mendell’s “inspirational” life.

Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis

Explain meiosis to 3 ppl and then have them sign a sheet

Right full explained paragraphs on vaccines, mitosis, and meiosis

Research Japanese bullet trains (Shinkansen) for a composition assignment

Geometry homework

I have to sketch out a horse on a 2 foot cavas

I have to paint the horse o.0

All this before Thursday! *sigh* I’ll manage… but I’m having trouble with the horse! Even thought it’s a big canvas, I’m drawing it too big! And then I don’t have room for the legs 0.o I think too big o.0 And I have to do my best, first because I love art and all, but also because I’m practically friends with my art teacher. She is really nice and she knows how good I can be. And since there aren’t many students in Art 3, she considers me the best in the class ^^;; So I’d feel awful if I didn’t finish this big project 0.o
Well I’ll be off to work >_< wish me luck ^^


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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Award ^.^
Lie74!!! ^.^

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   Sneakk Peek of Manga Maniacs!!! And other stuff...

12:30 am

hey1 Right now I’m watching Gundam Seed and then .hack//legend. Well, I was gonna update yesterday, but I had to leave for ballet ^^:; My class is at 4:30. Then my dad picks me up.
One of my friends in ballet, also goes to my homeschooling group. Her bro, who’s 16 and drives (^_~) goes too. Well after our class, which is at her aunt’s house, he came by! I was surprised o.0 then I remember he just started driving XD. Actually he’s my crush ^^ He’s venezualan and he’s got the whole gangster look lol! Like Ricky Ricardo but with curly hair, and baggy clothes. But he’s very sweet ^^ he’s also in my geo class…anyways, enuff ranting!

Ya know what happened after? O.0 my dad picked me and had to go to Shoppers (food store) and OMG!! There were millions of ppl! We had to park far away! My dad had to go around the parking lot looking for a cart. And in the end, the lines were so long they went into the isles! Lol It was funny cuz the lines were so long and slow, random people started making friends. OH! Lol duh! The reason it was freakin full was because there’s a snow storm today that will turn into a blizzard ^^ SNOW!!! Haha… Then me and my dad went to the subway across the parking lot to eat yum! ^.^

Well today I’m going to do my English exams, Grammar and literature. It won’t be hard ^^

Random but good news!

kagomeglitter1 joined my manga club ^_^

I made Petie a 200 gb signings banner ^_^ I'm not sure if her put it up yet o.0

GUESS WHAT?! lol, i started working on the "Manga Maniacs" website! down there is the html stuff. Copy it (highlite and Ctrl C) and go to Founder Web and paste it (Ctrl V) in one of their “testing” rectangle lol. Then click launch. I hope you like what I got so far!!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   Random Happy stuff ^_^;;

12:30 am

I know I haven’t updated, and sorry for my long post o.0 The last one. Well For those of you who don’t know, I posted new fanart on Friday ^_^;;

I’m excited! Tomorrow, I’m gonna go to my Homeschooling group, (Chieftan it is called) and I’m gonna take my FB manga #3. Hehe, and I’ll be reading it in study hall, I’ve always wanted to do that! ^_^ I read number 2. It’s so sad!! Hatori’s story… *sniff* So he’s the dragon but the sign is a seahorse? O.0 lol, awww! And WHY?!?!? Why Yuki in a dress? >_< Poor guy! >_<

Well, my cousin came over and I let her borrow my first Inuyasha movie dvd. She’s not a hardcore otaku, in fact she only watches Inuyasha XD But she likes it! ^_^

wo0t wo0t! Go me!! I finally added All the banners my friends have made for me ^_^ The get well banners and holidays (^_~) Are under “Gifts” and a certain Friendship award (^_~) is now under “Awards” ^.^ So go check it out! I even put up the banners/members up under “My Club” for Manga Maniacs. And I made a button to link the section but I wanna make a separate site for it T_T But…WHERE’S THE TIME!?!? O.0

I’ve also been wondering about making a valentines theme, but… so busy >_< Prolly Gundam Seed, I know I did that theme before, but.. WARNING I admit it will be more um… PINK o.0 So I warn you now! Lol, And I’ve found SO many cool pictures of Gundam Seed! SO I have to use it!

WO0T, I finished it all!! Wo0t Wo0t!! Me and my mom are ready for my homeshcooling review today! But still, there are more days of school which also means, more days of new homework >_<

OH!! Azn Gurl is having a contest on the best MyO site! ^_^ I’m judge number 2! LOL. Yes yes, unfortunately you can’t vote for me, but it’s a great opportunity to see other ppl’s sites ^_^ So me excited ^_^ So go and vote!

Well, um.. I feel so empty o.0 like there’s not much to say 0.o OH! I went to rent “The Village” with my mom, but it didn’t hit me that it’s a “New Relese” so the whole wall was empty >_< Oh well, maybe later today? Instead I rented “The Nightmare before Christmas” I’m gonna watch it soon!

Well, enough randomness ^_^ I must go ^_^;; Peace!!!


(wow, I’ve never said “peace” before o.0)


snow!! 10:54 AM


haha, obviously i've been waiting! darn mtv! i've been watching all morning, oblivious to the huge bay window behind me!! IT'S FREAKING SNOW!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!


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