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Monday, May 16, 2005

Ok, there once was a girl named steffi. She was an average girl tall, a bit bulky (fat) and a bit on the pimpley side. She was smart but no one cared. So she just hid away. During the night she would turn into a beautiful cat demon and scour the land as a goddess. steffi's cat demon would take over her completely at night and she would discus with people she really didn’t know about world domination now I bet your wondering who these other people were well there was the cat demon with lightning fast reflexes named "ahh" and then there was the artist demon named "len" who was an artist demon who drew something with a magical pen and whatever she drew came to life then of coarse there was "sa" who was a supernatural witch who was super inelegant and also a crafty which. She was part squirrel part tiger (could change back and forth) then there was "ar" who was a night tigress who was crafty with wood
she was so earthy she could turn into earth itself now "sha" was a goat demon who dint do much at all but complain about how people walk and talk and dance and all that stuff. she did however know how to snort. an excellent quality for a goat to have and "nea" was a dolphin demon who was a wonderful slapper together she could do things at the last second and still have it perfect now they all joined together each night to plot world domination! they were planning to make everyone become a demon so that they wouldn’t have to hide their true selves steffi went to school everyday hiding the fact that at night she was gorgeous people threw rocks at her and she became very bruised
yes very bruised indeed her best friends abused her and her teachers threw pencils/ chalk at her. She had never once had a boyfriend and this caused her pain
yes so very very much pain.

"ahh" is ashley
"len" is Fat
"Sa" is ME!!
"Ar" is Ugly
"Sha" is Bald
"Nea"is umm ly-nea-nea


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