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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 09/04/04:
YAY, FLUFFY-KINS!! *glomps Sesshoumaru* *ducks from claws* *glomps again* ^-^

Result Posted on 09/02/04:

You're Yuki - the mouse.

Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 08/31/04:

Result Posted on 08/30/04:

As calm as a pool of deep water, your inner
cuteness shows through your serentity and
peace. You inspire others and some find your
gentle manner very cute indeed!

What's your inner cuteness? ((with images))
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Result Posted on 08/30/04:

Result Posted on 08/28/04:

Result Posted on 08/27/04:
^^ Strange... that happens to be one of my fave YGO couples. *dodges tomatoes and stones*

Seto and Mokuba
Tabloidshipping - Taboo ensues with this result.
Okay, so maybe you've taken things a step too
far from a brotherly bond, but love is still
love no matter what the masses say. You're
descreet and you're perfectly fine, so kudos
for you in finding something pure, even if it
is your own flesh and blood.

Which Yugioh Yaoi Ship are You
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Result Posted on 08/27/04:
^^ MUWHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Yes, I AM insane. And darn proud of it too!

Your eyes should be Light Blue. You.. are.. well..
insane. Your hyper and a pycho, a threat to
yourself and society. You have an obsession
with imaginary penguins and hippos, as well as
sporks. You despise spoons with all your heart
and your parents sometimes locked you in the
attic as a child. In otherwords, your just like
me! ^^

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
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Result Posted on 08/23/04:

Result Posted on 08/22/04:
Well, he IS a pharoah!

Yes he is urs, only the best queen deserve this hot
pharaoh! Yami will give u his heart and his
life to protect u. So u better be grateful. On
the other hand,he intends to get bossy at times
so u better know what to give him!He is , after
all, pharaoh, and will always get his way!

Who's your yu-gi-oh boyfriend?(great pics!)
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