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Friday, January 28, 2005

   Feelin' at Home

Ya know, it's about time I finally was able to sit down with my family. No phone. No food to cook- we had already had dinner. No homework. ^_^ We sat down and watched a nice movie... As nice as Terminator 3 can be. >>;; But anywho, I actually think that's the first time I felt at home- at peace- with my family the entire year. The last time we were able to do this was Thanksgiving. Althought, right after that we went our own ways. *sigh* Tsk. Tsk. The next time we'll be able to do this will probably be after I get out of school... Damn. There goes my peace.

EDIT: I submitted my first greeting card since the 1st of the year. >w>;;

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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