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Thursday, January 6, 2005


I feel better. ^^ But I was watching one of my downloaded Yugioh episodes and Bakura REALLY sounds like a girl!

Bakura: *glare* I refuse to think that someone was stupid enough to say that I sound like a girl.

Jou: *watching episode on other computer* Actually, you do! And I sound better! ^^

Kaiba: But you're still a mutt. *snatches computer*

Jou: *glare* No! Hemiko proved I was more a bunny than a rabbit!

Kaiba: And you find that good, how?

Jou: ....

Kaiba: I thought so.

Jou: >.<

^^ *pets Jou* Hehehe... Anyway, I have a lot to do this weekend. T-T Stupid project's due Monday. And I've BARELY started!!

Kaiba: Maybe if you weren't such a procrastinator.

Bakura: He does have a point.

And just who's side are you on, Baku?

Bakura: Nobody's.

>.< Not even mine?

Bakura: Nope.

You're so mean! *whacks Bakura*

Jou: That had to hurt.

^^ I have to go now. School calls. >:O

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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