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Saturday, September 25, 2004

^-^ Well, I got a postcard from Jou. *snicker* Sounds like Rebecca tracked Yugi down!

Well, my feet are killing me. I'm guessing it's from last night at the dance. My uncle and aunt called me earlier, teasing. *sigh* Family.

^-^ My sites are up! YAY!! One is so you can request a button; the other is just for things like, about me & your buttons. (PS- Let me know if I forgot you.)

My question today is very... awkward- seeing as how I don't pay attention to the weather. >__> Here goes:

What's the worst natural disaster?

My sister when she doesn't have enough money to buy something. XP! A hurricane. It's the only thing I've been through so far! ^^;;

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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