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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Devil: I got an email- more like hate mail- from someone the other day. They flamed me for liking yaoi. Well, I hate to burst their bubble, but ya can't make me stop!! Of course I handled this nicely- I posted my new YAOI story. =^-^= As a matter fo fact, here's the URL:


Devil: In another handling, I made me a poster! It's up above in my introduction thingy. ^-^

On to other news...

Devil: ^-^ Hey, peeps! I don't have to go to school tomorrow! So expect me to visit EVERYONE today & tomorrow. Besides, I already have enough homework to start a circus of mutated papers!!! >-<

Yugi: I don't see why you won't let me and Ryou do it for you.

Devil: Yugi, ya know what?

Yugi: *gulp* What?

Devil: You are SO frickin' CUTE!! *glomps Yugi with deathgrip* >u<

Yugi: My head!!

Maiko: ^_^ He IS cute, isn't he? My turn!! *snatches Yugi from Devil and glomps with same amount of force*

Yugi: >o< Yami!! SAVE ME!

Bakura: >-> You all are idiots.

Marik: Morons.

Seto: Imbeciles.

Aaliyah: Twits.

Yami: Saving my hikari! *runs to save Yugi from deathgrip glomp*

Aaliyah: I never have to save my hikari. She just annoys her way out.

Bakura: Really? I have to save my hikari from his hikari- *points at Marik*

Marik: I have to go save my hikari every time he comes close to the kitchen. I don't want him to hurt himself.

Aaliyah: And yet he still finds a way too, doesn't he?

Marik: He's a mentally insane genious. What do you think?

Malik: I'm a genious? AWE! That's one of the nicest things you've said about me, Marik!! *glomps Marik* You sweetiepie, you! ^u^

Marik: My arms are not made of steel, Malik.


Hey, you! yeah, you sitting in front the screen. Did you know that if you put an F in the logo of Kaiba Corps, you get KFC? XP!! *runs from Kaiba* LONG LIVE KAIBA FRIED CORPS!!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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