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Saturday, September 4, 2004


Devil: Well, the "Storm" layout, also named the "Seto & Atemu" layout has won!!! ^-^ I liked it too!

Seto: *gag*

Yami: *double gag*

Both: NO!!

Devil: Awe, they're gaging together; TOO CUTE!! Well, I finally remembered what I had made. *sweat*

Bakura: 'Bout time.

Devil: ^-^ I quote myself from earlier: "Love ya too, Baku-chan!" *snicker* Here's the URL for my Jou archive, which was created TODAY and currently harbours 67 pictures of NON-STOP Jou! *drool* =3333333


Go visit Jou!! Or else...

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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