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Friday, August 27, 2004

Devil: *sigh* I'm currently working on a site, but I need some Web Hosting">Web Hosting">Web Hosting">web hosting. My mum won't let me get Web Hosting">Web Hosting">Web Hosting">web hosting so until I find some stupid thing to do that'll pay me some mula, other than cleaning my room -.-;, I can't get my site up on the Internet">Internet">Internet">internet. *pout* Parents can be SO mean!

Bakura: Just beg for it.

Seto: I'm sure she she has some dignity.

Aaliyah: She could just beg you- *points at Seto* - But even Mokuba has enough dignity not to ask you.

Seto: What's THAT supposed to mean?

Yami: Yeah, you two would make a great couple. I can just see it now-

Yugi: Yeah! Aaliyah-chan will be pushing the stroller while Seto's being chased by Seto Jr!

*Yami and Yugi burst out laughing and rolling on floor*

A/S: >//////////////////< STOP THAT!!

Devil: Actually, I can see Seto pushing the stroller and Aaliyah trying keep Seto III in his stroller seat.


Devil: Well, yeah! There's Seto Jr, Seto III, Seto IIII, and-

Aaliyah: >.<" I DON'T THINK SO!

Malik: I think you forgot some of 'em.

Marik: Yeah. There was two more. Remember? They're quadruplets.

Malik: DUH! Xp

Seto: *gag* She wishes.

Aaliyah: I wish you'd drop dead-

Ryou: AWE! She wants you to drop dead gorgeous!!

Aaliyah: WTF!? That's NOT what I was gonna say!!

Everyone Else (-S & A): Yeah. Right. *sly looks*

Devil: ^^ Okay! Time to say goodbai. I have to eat. *stomach rumbles* My stomach is fighting with my liver.

Jou: >.> What's THAT supposed to mean?

Devil: *shrug* Me no know. ;p

Everyone: Idiot.

*Aaliyah and Seto are still chasing the Yamis & Hikaris*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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