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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Listening To: "Field Road" - AIR OST
Mood: Loved

Hi there everybody!! ^_^
how are you all?

i've been having a fine time. I really enjoy school.. because i have many friends there who are awesome!! Plus there is that guy I like.. he is really nice. He always gives me hugs =3 quite wonderful~!

Its really cool cuz me and this guy share a lot of common interests... which i like a lot. He thinks i draw really well ^__^

I also have Japanese class at school.. which is uber fun!! our teacher is actually from Japan, and speaks mostly Japanese in the class which is really helpful in learning it faster believe me!! She gave us onigiri last week =3

so basically... i'm obsessing over my school *__*

and clannad.

which is a fantastic anime btw!!! If you like Kanon or Air or something like that.. i highly recommend Clannad because its by the same people!!

Um.. yeah that's basically it fer now. =3

this friday I am going to see a movie with my friends which shall be fun!! so i'll tell you about that later~<3

tata for now! *hugs and hearts*

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