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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

my my my srry i know its ben so damn long..lol but dont kill me i have very good news..lol
ok well i knoe my last post was like a year ago..lol..( not litteraly)...

ok well me and cuddy have been doing lot we have been very busy bees...well we busted our asses to try to get him a job abd well guess wat....


no really hes at work right now im so happy..lol..and so is he...i feel very accomplished..lol

in other news i started school...yeah its ok the hours r good its alittle longer then i thought though its 4rom 5:00pm to 9:25pm thats only on mondays and wednes days and on tuesdays and thursdays i go at 5:00pm to 7"55 pm...and i dont have school fridays....well yes i know thats the life..lol

i have been doing goo so far its not hard at all in fact its easy as hell.. i am also going 4 my permit 4 sure this week i studdied very hard 4 it i took tons of practice tesets online and i got 100% on all of em...and well im all happy and getting there and set...

lol..moving on my dada bday passed in september 23rd to be exact..lol
that was fun i got him sum cards sum liqour and sum clothes...

we got him a cake and n sum balloons...he had fun my dad was really happy bc we made it all day like we 4got it was his bday and he was all pissed boout it till he got home 4rom work..lol..

i thought it was funny as hell to well hmm wat else well i cant think of nething right now but when i do ull find out soon ok..well ttyl 4 now ok..buh bye and ohh 1 more thing i will try to get to sum sites today ok dont kill me if i dont i still got a shit load of homework to do...lol

well i guess thats it buh bye 4 real now


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