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Friday, September 23, 2005

Well yet another excuse..
lol..ok i know u said to stop but i think its good theat i tell u..i was unabel to get to ne1s sites yesterday be i was sleeping all day...i have been getting up every day at 7:00pm to get my lil bro ready 4 school and then i dont go to bed till like 2:am so it was stressfull on me so i spent all day yesterday sleeping..

feel regenerated now and il will get to every1s sites however today i am forcing cuddy to go to the movies with me to c "The Corpse Bride"..lol.i love tim burton movies (The NIghtmare Before Christmas. Edward Siccorhands, Charlie NAd THe chocalate FActory...ect...)

lol.well ive been wanting to c this movie 4 ever so yeah imma c it today..Well its actually ^:00am and imma have to go get my lil bor ready at 7: so imma go get his stuff ready..Well I also made this sig today actually alittle while ago..lol..i know i was bored it took me 4ever and i ot fustrated but i did it and i am so proud of it i stoped making things 4 a whle i thought i lost it but well i think i got it back..I started this siggy 4rom scratch too..lol..here ya go ill also count it as the pic of the day


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well ttyl..

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