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Monday, September 19, 2005

im so sryy..
ok im srry i know i wasent on the comp muche yesterday it was a hectic day..i dont have a key to my house right so my fam left and they left my lil bro upsatirs and told me to go watch him so yeah i did but then i hadda go but i had no key to lock the front door and so i was fucking stuck upstairs 4 like 4 hours bored out my mind watching my lil bro i was so damn mad i had so many things to do and i couldent do ne of it..

and so like all day i was home and i couldent go on the comp ..my lil bor drives me off the walls u know but ok enuf of that umm hmm wat else to say??


so ill just end it now..lol..


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