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Saturday, September 17, 2005

well im here and living..lol
ok well yet again i have nothing to report but i do have a plus in my day lol i finally got my eyebrows done finally there were looking hairy as ever..lol.it looked so bad i waited so damn long..lol..no the reason i waited is bd i wanted to change the shape of them and i cant do that till the hair grows u knoe there need to be sumthing to work with..

ok enuf of the gurllyness..lol..

well umm hmm i think i got to just about every 1 yesterday unless u updated late...but yeah srry if i missed u..

nextly i with the help of cuddy and his friend we finnaly got 1 version of final fantasy 7 advent childern i have yet to c it and the quality but i hope its it another friend helped me find a few other versionns that i need to look at i just found out so hope fully i got the good 1 u knoe..but im so excited i dont know much bout it but cuddy gets me all hyped up bout it uknoe the way he expains everything and al that..

well um wat now..
umm...ohh i now have changed my mind im not so sure if i wanna change my theme just yet so time will tell u know..and ohh my best friend just got a new puppy ill show u a pic here...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

awww..aint it cute..no really its a puppy its a boy we still havent decided on the name but im no good with names so she still waiting..lol

ok welll i guess im all done and im off to watch ff7 advent children..we

ohh no wait the


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