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Thursday, September 15, 2005

ok i know i know but here i am yet again bored.
ok..well i have a very good reason 4 not visiting u c when i go ur sites i can only comment on like 3 of the 20 sumthing ppl i have to visit and i dont think its fair u knoe so i decided no to visit ne 1 but i have been working on fixing it and hopefully it will be gone by tommorow..and umm if not i dont know but ill still try..but u have no idea how much its ben pissing me off i think its a virus...but i know so many tricks to get rid of it i just dont have enuf time..

my fucking mothers been such a bitch..like lok heres and examle i said oh i wanna order dominoes to my dad and he was like ok call me back and tell me how much it is and ill send sum 1 down to give u the money so then my bitchy mom said no ill order it 4 her..as if she dont trust me or sumthing like wat the fuck im hungry so imma get pizza...

but no my dads being a bitch and listeming to her so that they dont have to fight..bc no lie my mther hates me shes always calling me a spoiled bitch bc i get watever i want when ever i want ..
truth is she jealous..u might say im crazy but belive me u dont know the half of it...but well shes been driving me crazy..
so back to the pizza i was like no i wanna order it bc i dont even know wat i wan yet..she was like well figure out wat u want then call me back..so i was like no fuck it dad just gimme $10 and ill get chinese or sumthing..

then she started to bitch and she was like oh the only time u come home is when u want sumting i was no i just was hungry so shut up and she was just talking shit so i was like wat ever fuck u sut the fuck up and mind ur bizness..

harsh but no lie I hate her ass..

here wat i feel..lol
just trying to fit this i think it goes witht the mood..lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well moving on to better things..lol..

umm bleach episode 49 is out and im downloading it now on bittorrent i got like 10 mins left so imma watch it as soon as im all done here..

and oh im thinking of changing my theme to rukia. ichigo, and renji..

since they all u knoe go together it wouldent hurt and it would look nice no?

ok well i guess im all done and im also not gonna stop working on the comment hing till i get it working ok even if i haveta restart the whole comp..

well ttyl..

ohh no wait the..


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

now its ttyl...

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