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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   YIPPY!!! 1st of May!

About Me

  • Name: Steven
    • Age: 20
      • Location: Brisbane, Australia
        • Occupation: Ninja Collage Student
          • Hobbies/Interest: japanese culture, martial Arts, ninjas, graphic design, web design, 3D, anime, video games, music, movies, beaches, COMPUTERS!

Hay peoples whats up?, hows everyone on there day off? im not doing to much today, i wish i had money :( then i could go out owell, boo hoo meeeee, i did eat a whole box of corn flakes today thats the most exciting thing i did today lol then i might head to the beach, where theres no waves *shakes fist* later on or just sit on my computer listning to tunes, *sigh* i have no life.....

happy fare well guys

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