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Saturday, April 22, 2006


About Me

  • Name: Steven
    • Age: 20
      • Location: Brisbane, Australia
        • Occupation: Ninja Collage Student
          • Hobbies/Interest: japanese culture, martial Arts, ninjas, graphic design, web design, 3D, anime, video games, music, movies, beaches, COMPUTERS!
hey guys i went supernova expo yesterday the big pop culture aka anime convention we have in brisbane and it was freakin awesome the best one ive been to by far, me and my good buddies zedstef and evilpixel cosplayed as characters from naruto, i went as Kakashi, evilpixel went as Sakura and zedstef went as Sasuke, we had a blast i bought some cool naruto merchandise and got the voices of goku and master roshi signatures WOOT!, but the most exciting part was when complete strangers would come up to you and just hug you or they wanted to take a photo with you, made me feal pretty special lol and we went into the cosplay comp on a stage in front of hundreds and hundreds people i nilly crapped my pants but i made them cheer so im happy, all n all it was a great day

btw i will posting some photos of the day when i get them all.

take care chevron.au

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